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US President Joe Biden tours 1,400-year-old shrine in Hiroshima with G7 ...

I will be looking more closely at the hateful citizens of Bozeman, who heckled LBGTQ folks as they paraded down the street. How many of them believe President Biden – is not their President – and they claim the upper hand in order to look down on people – not like them?! Loyal Americans should not be paying for their ongoing identity crisis.

John Presco

Dear Mr. President; Congratulations on your successful foreign trip to Japan to cement our bond with our Allies. After the Jan.6th. Insurrection, there was a problem with paying the Capitol Police. The Fourteenth Amendment uses the words “rebellion” and “insurrection” several times. If the debt ceiling is not raised, will the Capitol Police desert their post for lack of pay, leaving our Capitol open to another Insurrection – that might be successful? The takeover of our Democracy by rebellious Americans – that are not loyal to our President – will cause the World Economy to collapse, leaving NATO and the Ukraine vulnerable to our mutual enemies. The 14th. told our foreign friends who backed the Union, we would pay our debts, and at the same time told foreigners who backed the Confederate Rebels, our reunited Nation – they helped divide – that they would not get a bloody cent. The world is at war with Russia. Are the Rebpilcian Rebels prolonging this war, costing the American Taxpayer – billions? Our Allies need to know the rightful President of the United States will act to put down the ongoing Insurrection, and their investments in our Nation, are secure. Consider the Ironclad Oath.


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