Is Phil Knight Begging For A Boycott

For months I have been wondering if Phil Knight WANTS Antifa and other leftists to picket and boycott Nike so he can come out with red MAGA shoes. Nike sales are waning. Has he conducted a secret survey to find out why? Are white Republican in the Red States not buying Nikes that honor black athletes due the growing racism that Trump fanned. What better way to tell the Neo-Confederates you are one with them – and Governor DeSatnis – then to be set upon by Antifa of Portland.

John Presco

Nike co-founder Phil Knight contributes $2 million more to help elect Republicans to Oregon Legislature

  • Updated: May. 04, 2023, 4:47 p.m.|
  • Published: May. 04, 2023, 4:37 p.m.
Nike founder Phil Knight sits in a chair
Nike co-founder Phil Knight contributed $2 million on April 4 to the Bring Balance to Salem PAC, which helps elect Republicans to the Oregon Legislature. Dave Killen / The Oregonian



Nike co-founder Phil Knight has contributed $2 million more to help Republicans gain seats in the Oregon Legislature.

Knight made the donation April 4 to the Bring Balance to Salem PAC, which aims to elect Republicans to the Legislature, campaign finance records show. The donation was disclosed Thursday in accordance with campaign finance rules.

The donation came after Knight contributed $2 million to the same political action committee last year as Republican donors pumped money into legislative races, helping Republicans end Democrats’ supermajority in the Legislature.

Altogether, the Bring Balance committee spent $5 million in 2022 on its cause.

It’s very early for donors to be giving money to influence fall 2024 legislative races, with the 2023 legislative session still underway.

Before the newest donation, Knight’s most recent donation to a political action committee was in October when he donated $500,000 to help Republican Christine Drazan in her bid for governor. It total he gave $1.5 million to Drazan last year after it became clear unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson didn’t have a shot at winning the governor’s race. Despite his donations, Democrat Tina Kotek prevailed in the November election to become Oregon’s governor.

Last month, Knight and his wife, Penny Knight, pledged to contribute $400 million to the newly formed 1803 Fund, a local effort intended to strengthen Portland’s Black community. The fund’s first project — dubbed “Rebuild Albina” — will invest in “education, place and culture and belonging” in the Albina neighborhood.

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