Ban Books of Moses In Montana, Florida, and Tennessee

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Montana GOP Bans Trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr From Speaking | The Mary Sue

If I become President of the United States, after beating Trump in the primaries, the first thing I’m going to do, is pass a law that bans all the Republicans in Montana, Florida, and Tennessee, from reading the Pentateuch – THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES. God instructs me to do this in order to confound the purveyors of the Fake Christian Nation many alleged Christians have in store – for us all. Even those who do not want it. DeSantis has banned all books that have to do with slavery, except one – The Old Testament – that includes the book


Because Donald Trump has shot-down his closest rival, I do not want Christian leaders of the Three States of Shaming to get wind of what my platform is – by reading Moses! To further confound my political rivals, I will be asking Zooey Zephyr to be my VP – MY RUNNING MATE!

There will be severe penalties for Republicans reading the Books of Moses! One of them will be having a testical removed. Which one will be decided on by a panel of Nine Supernatural Judges!

The Democrats, who are citizens of the Shaming States – are allowed read what God and Moses had to say – but only after a fish dinner on Friday!

So be it! Stay tuned for more Godly Instructions!

John Judge – Supreme Shamer of States

insToday in History: April 18, San Francisco’s great earthquake

Following her November election, she expressed hope that her presence in the Legislature would help people understand what it means to be a trans adult. Zephyr also wanted to enlist moderate Republicans to push back on what she called “extreme and dangerous attacks.”

Instead, she and fellow members of the Democratic minority have been powerless to stop Republicans from passing bills to ban gender-affirming care for transgender children and another that says misgendering or deadnaming students is not illegal discrimination unless it rises to the level of bullying. Deadnaming refers to using the name a transgender person used prior to transitioning.


On Tuesday as the House was debating Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte’s proposed amendments to a measure banning gender-affirming care for minors, Zephyr spoke up in reference to the body’s opening prayer.

“I hope the next time there’s an invocation, when you bow your heads in prayer, you see the blood on your hands,” she said.

House Majority Leader Sue Vinton, a Republican, immediately called Zephyr’s comments inappropriate and disrespectful. That evening, a group of conservative lawmakers known as the Montana Freedom Caucus demanded her censure and deliberately referred to Zephyr using male pronouns in their letter and a Tweet. That’s known as misgendering — using pronouns that don’t match a person’s gender identity.

Zephyr had upset legislative leaders with emotional testimony previously this session.

She made a similar “blood on your hands” comment the first time the House heard the bill and has also given emotional testimony indicating bills that attack LGBTQ+ rights will lead to suicide.

“When there are bills targeting the LGBTQ community, I stand up to defend my community,” Zephyr told The Associated Press after she was silenced Thursday. “And I choose my words with clarity and precision, and I spoke to the real harms that these bills bring.”

Montana Human Rights Network organizer Shawn Reagor said the act of misgendering Zephyr was disrespectful and would encourage physical violence against the trans community.

“The fact that this is happening by legislators in the Montana state Capitol is incredibly disturbing,” Reagor said.


Conservatives formed the Montana Freedom Caucus in January, and it includes at least 21 of the Legislature’s 102 GOP lawmakers.

Its ideological leader is U.S. Rep Matt Rosendale, a hardline conservative who backed former President Donald Trump’s false statements about fraud in the 2020 election and was among a core group of Republicans who opposed electing U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House.

The caucus members said Zephyr’s comments displayed a “hateful rhetoric” and called for a “commitment to civil discourse.”

Two days after the caucus’ letter, Speaker Matt Regier refused to allow Zephyr to speak against a bill Thursday that would put a binary definition of male and female into state code. She was blocked from speaking again Friday during discussion of a bill to prevent minors from seeing pornography online.

Regier said he silenced Zephyr after discussions with other lawmakers. Democrats objected, but the decision was upheld by Republican lawmakers on party-line votes both days.


Formally, no, but practically, yes.

A censure in the Montana Legislature is a public reprimand. The House did not go through that process. However, Regier used his authority under House rules to decide questions of order, privilege and recognition.


Moses was a Hebrew (Jewish) child who was adopted by Pharoah’s daughter and raised as an Egyptian. He is, nevertheless, faithful to his roots. In the long run, he delivers his people, the Jews, from enslavement in Egypt. In the book of Exodus, he is left in a basket in a clump of reeds (bulrushes), but he is never abandoned.

The Story of Moses in the Bulrushes

The story of Moses starts in Exodus 2:1-10. By the end of Exodus 1, the pharaoh of Egypt (perhaps Ramses II) had decreed that all the Hebrew boy babies were to be drowned at birth. But when Yocheved, Moses’ mother, gives birth she decides to hide her son. After a few months, the baby is too big for her to hide safely, so she decides to place him in a caulked wicker basket in a strategic spot in the reeds that grew along the sides of the Nile River (often referred to as bulrushes), with the hope that he will be found and adopted. To ensure the baby’s safety, Moses’s sister Miriam watches from a hiding place nearby.

The baby’s crying alerts one of the pharaoh’s daughters who takes the baby. Moses’ sister Miriam watches in hiding but comes out when it is clear the princess is planning to keep the child. She asks the princess if she would like a Hebrew midwife. The princess agrees and so Miriam arranges to have the real mother get paid to nurse her own child who now lives among the Egyptian royalty.

Moses was the great leader that God chose to deliver Israel from Egyptian slavery. Moses wrote the Pentateuch (First 5 books in the Old Testament), which he received by revelation from God. Moses had one of the closest relationships with God recorded in the Bible. The book of Exodus is the biblical record of God’s deliverance of His people Israel from Egyptian slavery.

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