Montana Sues Portland

kevin costner

Less than a month after Kevin Costner‘s children “stood up and cheered” when he won a Golden Globe for portraying powerful Montana patriarch John Dutton on Yellowstone, reports began to surface that the actor was readying to exit the series.

The Wokey Range Wars are raging in Wyoming.

Johnny Oregon

“​​Now more than ever, we must fight back against the woke culture permeating every federal agency,” Hageman says in her Sunday newsletter. “With each passing day, this woke ideology becomes more and more bizarre and dangerous.”

An April 5 Daily Caller story reports the goal of the Anti-Woke Caucus is to expose and defund “far-left” programs in the federal government.

The new caucus includes 26 Republican members of Congress and is led by Indiana Rep. Jim Banks.

Aim To ‘Defund Wokeness’

Banks told the Daily Caller that no piece of legislation that funds “leftist activities should pass out of committee without a recorded vote on an amendment to defund wokeness.”

“Republicans must use our House majority to protect taxpayers from being forced to fund woke and divisive ideologies,” Banks told the Daily Caller.

Hageman and other Republicans have become increasingly focused in recent months toward rooting out these alleged agendas, which also has become a top talking point for some 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls.

The Wyoming congresswoman is making it a cornerstone of her service. She’s also on the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and the House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Limited Government.

On these committees, Hageman has highlighted coordination between the federal government and social media companies in fighting misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results by censoring this speech.

Rosamond Press

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All four Republican candidates promote Racism, and the repeal of the 13th. and 19th. Amendment. Would the Government of Montana objected to the SUCCESSFUL INSURECTION? How about Idaho and those Oregon Counties that voted for State Secession? Would they have celebrated Trump’s Coup?

With the Court Ruling that Georgia Democrats DID NOT STEAL the election. It’s the Democrats turn to show – REAL OUTRAGE – in tandem with the Justice System of the United States of America. By forfeit, the Democrats OWN all Christian Ideals in regards to God being THE TRUTH, and Jesus serving Lovers of The Truth!

White people tell lies in the name of their white heritage – and to protect their Second Amendment Rights. They don’t really care about Biblical Knowledge – or going to college! They believe all knowledge is – WOKE – and must be banned.

I own much of the history of South…

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