The Noble Family of Rosemond

Victoria Rosemond Bond is the granddaughter of James Bond.

Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa

Rosamond Press

Jimmy Rosamond, the ‘Caretaker’ of the Rosamond genealogy page, has debated whether we descend from John-Baptist Rosemond, or, James Rosemond, who married Mary D’Orr. Today, I found the answer, John-Baptist is the son of James.

I also found proof my kindred owned Chateau d’Arginy, and went looking for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

The progenitor of our Rosemond/Rosamond line, is Guffroy De Rosemont. The Rozemont spelling suggested we dwelt in Holland, and are kin to Gotschalk Rosemondt.

Jon Presco

John Baptist Rosemond (son of James Rosemond.’by Mary Dorr, his wife), born at Paris.

The Royal Bounty for the French Protestant Refugees consisted of moneys raised throughout the United Kingdom for distribution among the necessitous exiles. The Huguenots were always celebrated for their industry and self-reliance, and many of them for inventive genius or skill. And when they took refuge…

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