Knights Templar and Zena Halpern

“This text is her life’s work. Some believe the story uncovered by her research to be a hoax. If so, it would be the most elaborate hoax in the history of hoaxes.”

Zena Halpern and I exchanged e-mails. I do not recall the year. I believe it was around the time the rival biographer of my family stories, Tom Snyder, tried to get me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Halpern also wanted me to sing a NDA, before she showed me some amazing information. I was leery, and did not sign any NDAs. At the time it looked like I was the next author due for a book on he Templar-Grail Magdalene subject matter. I believe Halpern wanted to be in my book. Now, she will be.

Yesterday, I discovered for the first time Halpern published a book on the Templars in regards to the Oak Island series. I was researching the fictional genealogy of Victoria Rosemond Bond, when a Templar name came up in regards to the Oak Island Mystery – that I recognized! Zena and Rick Lagina missed it! they failed to strike – pay dirt! I will contact Rick. I believe Zena and I found each other on one of the Templar-Magdalene groups. I started Rennes-le-Hoax because some of the research was questionable – and any conflicting information was being oppressed.

I have not read Halpern’s book. I am willing to read exerts of this book – on television! I will answer questions. They say “Truth is Stanger than fiction”. In this case “Fiction is stranger than the truth – when it becomes – the truth. I have been saying my book ‘The Royal Janitor’ is writing itself – and is coming true. What if Victoria Rosemond Bond, and Miriam Starfish Christling were Goddesses in their past life, and….they meet again! A Viking and Phoenician Goddess – meet on the High Sea! This meeting – rocks half the world! If they unite, they will be a threat to controlling men. They would be forced to created a man-god to walk the earth and out an end to this heavenly duo.

John Presco

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Zena Halpern from The Curse of Oak Island died earlier this year

Wed Dec 05, 2018 at 2:20am ET
By Julian Cheatle

Zena Halpern on The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History
Zena Halpern talking to Rick Lagina and Doug Crowell on The Curse of Oak Island Season 4. Pic credit: History

Researcher Zena Halpern, whose work and theories featured prominently on History’s hit show The Curse of Oak Island, passed away earlier this year.

The popular New York-based historian was a good friend of Rick Lagina, and had extensive knowledge of Oak Island after spending more than half a century investigating how members of the Knights Templar may have come to North America in the past.

Back on Season 4 of the show, she famously brought to light what was believed to be a 14th Century map of Oak Island, with possible links to the Templars. Last season she also presented a theory of how a mysterious lead cross found on the island could be a representation of the Goddess Tanit.

In 2017, she authored the book The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond: Search for Ancient Secrets: The Shocking Revelations of a 12th Century Manuscript.

Zena’s passing was revealed back in June, with The Curse of Oak Island fans paying tribute to her on social media.

The Templar Mission to Oak Island

Quotes from Zena Halpern’s readers:

“I could not stop reading this book…”

“Thank you to all that helped share this journal.”

“The evidence that Ms. Halpern presents is truly surprising.”

“I think you’ll be highly impressed by this story 2000 years in the making.”

“A wonderful work of major historic importance.”


Zena Halpern has spent more than a
decade chasing down a fascinating story that has the potential to change history as we know it. It is the story, both of a secret 12th century Knights Templar mission to Oak Island and a mountain range in New York State, and of the efforts made by various secret societies over the centuries
to either conceal or uncover the reasons
for this mission.

Zena Halpern pulled together disparate evidence from unusual characters and researched other sources to prove or disprove this fascinating story.

This text is her life’s work. Some believe the story uncovered by her research to be a hoax. If so, it would be the most elaborate hoax in the history of hoaxes. And to what end? Who spends a century cobbling together false clues and fake artifacts just to have a laugh at an octogenarian’s expense?

Read on. Read her story. Read of the amazing journey to America by the medieval Templars. Read of the fascinating efforts over the centuries to both conceal the journey and later uncover its secrets. Read about the Vatican and the CIA—they all play a part in this adventure. Read about treasures and ciphers and betrayals, as well as Oak Island.

Her research is not complete, there’s perhaps 10% missing and unfortunately, now Zena is gone. There are still unanswered questions. But 90% will have to do.

A hoax? You be the judge.

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