Czech Tanks To Ukraine

On April 7m 2022, I suggested the Crimea be the New Israel. I discovered Crimea California this morning.

The world is prepared to spend a trillion dollars on the New Cold War – in the first year! Putin should confess he was misled by Kirill, and sue for peace. He would have to step down. He can go down in history as a co-founder of New Israel. Destiny! God had a master plan!

Rosamond Press

President Obama said he could not get Europe to respond to Putin. I responded with my fictional characters in my James Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’. I come in as two characters The Wizard, and Professor John von Bond. Las night I read the Czech Republican sent tanks to the Ukraine, the first nation to do so. This morning I awoke as…..The Sleeping King Under The Mountain.

All the news is – WAR NEWS! I will be conducting World War Three as a Merlin-Gandalf persona, but also as a New Moses.

Will there be a new Jewish State established in the Donbass? Will a temple be built? There are a million Russian Jews in Israel that is 8,500 square miles. The Donbass is 6,500 square miles. The Palestinian People are being pushed out of their ancient lands. World Peace can be assured, if you found New Israel. The Haredim are…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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