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With the shooting down of the spy satellite I name China Moon, this newspaper/blog is now a Cold War Newspaper, and I am a War Correspondent after Jack Lond, the admitted Leftist who lived in Oakland with Bohemian Authors. Jack’s adventures with The Snark was going to be serialized in a magazie headquatered in Eugene Oregon. I claim the Beat/Hippie legacy left by Ken Keasey and Neal Cassidy, that was not picked up by Ken Babbs – in my opinion. What he has written and published is not aimed at changing the world, or, American Society. The failure of the Republican Party to carry on its traditions, makes American Politics – forfeit. There is nothing there – there – for any world leader to grasp, or, negotiate with in regard to the Culture nations are want to develope. . The McCarthy-Green Gang remind me of Wanna-Be Hippies looking for the real good LSD, because they aren’t getting the Real Deal, and are on a GIANT BUMME.

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The main lodge has undergone a major remodel, but the octagonal main room is still as it was in London's time, as are the stone steps and stump grove where London wrote "The Sea Wolf."

Ninetta Wiley Eames Payne.


Ninetta Wiley Eames Payne.

Ninetta Wiley Eames Payne.

Other Histories

“The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island” will premiere at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Oct. 2.

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“The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island” will premiere

Dear Governor Newsom. I am the president of Royal Rosamond Press a newspaper for the arts. I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus Ian Fleming. I am working on several Bond novels, one featuring two Lesbians. I am kin to John Fremont a co-founder of the Republican Party. I ran for Governor of Oregon in a primary. I was born in Oakland and recently discovered my family shares literary history with Jack London. I began a novel featuring Martin Eden. If still on the marker, I suggest you purchase the home that Netta Eames lived in. I suggest you contact Meg Whitman, who President Biden made an ambassador due to the large donation she made to his campaign. Did she switch parties. Meg founded Quibi, that failed. In a short while…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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