Royal Rose Of The World 3

The Accountant starring Ben Affleck, inspired me to write a James Bond book – that I hoped would become a movie. ““Come pretty bird! Come sit on my finger!”

This Pretty Bird would become Victoria Rosemond Bond, when I found out Rena had married an Admiral and lived on the Isle of Wight. In a letter, my muse told me she had committed a million poems to memory. I had just seen the movie ‘The Accountant’ who had a photographic memory, There was allot of talk about the new James Bond movie, and I toyed with the idea I had a candidate – and new idea! I did not fully realize I was becoming a Black Mask Author. I now suspect I am the embodiment of Royal Rosamond, and have been since my near-death experience in 1967. This Hippe – died – and came back!

Rosamond Press

Royal Rose Of The World

Chapter Three – A Family Of Foundlings

“The days of taking everything from me, and mentally torturing me, are over.”

I have come to believe Mary Magdalene hated Royal for what happened to her sister Eutrophia and the Brown family. Mary took my grandfather’s family from him. Aunt Lillian told me he came to see his four daughters a year after he was gone. He came to say goodbye. Royal was gone, but in the scheme of things, revenge always find a way of visiting the second and third generation. How the four Rosamond sisters escaped the Wrath of Mary, is the untold story here, that only I sought to capture, because it is clear to me I would be punished, in some eternal Catholic manner. For Mary came from a devout Catholic family who rescued the Order of Saint Francis after being forced to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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