Not Playing With Full Deck

The Battle For Democracy – begins!

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See the source image

For several days now it is dawning on me some White Men – are still intimidated – because a Black Man was elected President of the United States. I am a bona fide historian of the Republican Party. I know some who are close to Trump has heard an insane rant aimed at demeaning President Obama – while exaggerating his self worth. How many Christians see Trump as – The Great White Hope?. Please come forth, and let’s talk about this Protestant’ Idolatry that spells doom for the Protestant Church – that employed the sex-shaming tactics of Paul The Eunuch. – who fills the New Testament with his outrageous Feeling of Inadequacy because he was not a Super Apostle. Paul’s sick narcissism led to the invention of The Virgin Mary, and virginity of Fathers and Nuns – WHO NEVER HAVE SEX – because Paul can’t have sex. The artist that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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