McCarthy Blocks Giant Weenie

Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, is urging fellow Republicans to block the import of the Giant Penis Celebration from entering and contaminating America – just when it is about to be made great again with THEIR GIANT SALES TAX. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, says this tax is another case of the rich – socking it to the poor! Kevin claims The Steel Penis Parade will give women the urge to have more sex, and thus, more abortions. Governor De Santos hates the penis, saying it is more Woke BS aimed at turning men into homosexuals.

“Festivals in Japan are opportunities for local people to exchange the strictures of daily life for drinking, dancing and generally cutting loose. At the Kanamara Matsuri, or the Festival of the Steel Phallus, it’s sexual repression that gets set aside for one joyful day of cross-dressing, penis-shaped lollipops and, of course, a few giant phalluses.”

DeSantos loves the sales tax idea, being it will get at the Social Security Money of Florida’s Seniors – without taking away their Social Security! That would be cruel, a real STIFFING of those who have worked hard all their lives!



“Hold on,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote on Twitter yesterday. “House Republicans want a national 30% sales tax on everything from groceries to gasoline? They want to raise taxes on working-class [and] middle-class families while slashing them for millionaires [and] billionaires? Are they TRYING to show exactly how out of touch they are?”

The Democratic senator’s line has the benefit of being true. Replacing existing federal taxes with a national sales tax would be profoundly regressive, slashing the tax burden for the wealthy, and imposing brutal new hardships on Americans who have the least.

The Biden White House issued a statement this week that added, “Non-partisan experts across the ideological spectrum agree this proposal would raise taxes for middle-class Americans and slash them for the wealthy, while President George W. Bush’s Treasury Department analyzed a similar proposal and found it would raise taxes by thousands of dollars each year for typical middle-class families; the burden would likely be especially great for seniors and families with children. Meanwhile, people earning millions of dollars a year would see tax cuts of $100,000 or more.”


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