Jesus – The Sexy God of War

Putin uses Jesus to go to war. I forgot about this post that was the subconscious model for Starfish – unless you want to believe and angle dictates the future to me.


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lexus6Running your Creation through a Male Deity replaced running your Creation through a Female Deity. To counter-attack the hippie Goddess Movement, the evangelical Christian-right invented the Sexy Country Western Bubba Jesus, an Icon for beer guzzling fornicators in the Midwest. Put a pair of Levis on that Man on the Cross so flag waving patriots can rally around him, and righteously screw one another – till their hearts content – because they got Sexy Jesus on their side. Together, they captured the American Flag! Only real Americans are allowed to fuck on American soil.

This Jesus is virile and studly! You don’t have to read your Bible, just stand up and salute the flag at your local race car track or rodeo while some Country Tramp with Big Bosoms shouts out a hot Star Spangled Banner!

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! I’m going to drink another beer for Jesus. Then I’m going to enlist…

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