I Will Give You The Secret and The Truth

Jesus was steeped in the Laws of the Torah and did not forsake these Laws as Paul claims. The Laws of the Torah are restored in the Christian religion as John and Jesus knew it. https://rosamondpress.com/2018/08/26/dying-and-seeing-gods-truth/

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Read these words, and I will take you there, to the cap stone.

John ‘The Nazarite’

“When asotahwho was innocent drinks [the bitter water], she becomes stronger and her face glows. If she was afflicted by sickness [that prevented her from conceiving],59it will disappear; she will conceive and give birth to a male. If she previously had difficulty giving birth, she will give birth speedily. If she would give birth to girls, she will give birth to males.”

This article is about the Jewish stone. For the Indian revenue block, seeKallal block. For தமிழ்(Tamil) கல் (Kal) means Stone . The Indian – தமிழ்(Tamil) village, seeKallal (village).

According to rabbinical sources, thekallalwas a small stoneurnkept in theTabernacleand later in theJewish temple in Jerusalemwhich contained the ashes of ared heifer. The Hebrew…

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