I Claim The Mount of Olives

I posted this on March 18, 2015. I saw the future.

Rosamond Press


When the Republicans invited Netanyahu to speak before the United States Congress an egregious breach of our Constitution was made in regard to Separation of Church and State. Not in our history have our elected leaders made a concerted effort to back any religion, least a foreign one. Disguised as a secular event, the Republican Church of America (RCA) employed stealth to get Netanyahu reelected because he is supportive of evangelical prophecies that call for the Jews to retake the land that King David conquered, and rebuild the temple where stand the Dome of the Rock. How did this become the objective of the majority in our House and Senate. Are these elected officials – insane?

This is why Netanyahu announced he would not allow a two-state solution, will expand the TERRORtory of Israel, and spewed racist warning about Arab citizens flocking to the poles to vote. Many Israelis understand the RCA supports…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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