Did Satan Attack Our President?

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My cat in heat woke me early this morning – early! She is caterwauling outside my door – right now!. I lie in bed wondering where….Our National Moral Compass….is. What is a Moral Compass – and caterwauling? Is Satan – real? Here is one survey taken in 2013. Nine years later the number of Christians who believe Satan is real – has dropped dramatically. I wonder if Christians have grown afraid to reveal what’ in their mind and heart. Is this because they are convinced Satan is truly real? How about Santa Claus? Is he real?

Last night I saw the bad news about the massive cold front that is going to wreck havoc with millions of folk’s Travel Plans. Is this the work of Satan – or God? How many Americans will cancel their plane reservations – and stay at home? If we play it smart, we might be accused of demonstrating a real lack of faith. You might be guilty of not believing in – the Holy Spirit – which has fallen in recent polls.

The headline I almost went with, looked like this


The President I had in mind – was Bill Clinton! It was Satan who tempted our Presdident to have relations with – THAT WOMAN! When I saw that no Man of God came to Bill’s rescue, got on T.V. and bid all Good Christians to PRAY FOR BILL, I surmised Christian Leaders were dividing our Nation in twain. Consider Swaggart.- and the FORGIVEN SINS OF DONALD. Will Christian Leaders get on T.V. and give a sermon on PAYING TAXES – for the sake of our National Defence? How willing are American Christians to give President Zelensky MORE TAX MONEY to defend Ukraine from a ATTACK BY SATAN? How many Christians have wondered if Putin is Satan – and not Joe Biden?

Is your Moral Compass spinning like crazy making you feel you are – out of control?


An hour later, after I had my coffee, I realized I had SET A GOAL for MEGA BILLIONAIRES who own 90% of the world’s wealth, being, there now is a Supreme Goal line for the Supreme Rich. If you make the correct, most clever moves – YOU CAN BE DECLARED A GOD AND NEVER PAY TAXES IN YOUR LIFE TIME!!! As an EXTRA added bonus, a very flattering naked statue of you will be placed in the Capitol Rotunda – with laurel leaf.

As to believing in Santa Claus, I suggest there now be TWO SANTAS, the tradional GIVING SANTA, and the TAKING SANTA. The latter is made for White Folks in the suburbs who no longer want to pay for flakes and losers in the big city – which is the secret message of Suburban Men of God.

The really BIG QUESTION this morning, is……After being caught with his pants down, will Ex-President Donald Trump BE REPENTATIVE? Will he SHOW REMORSE for his sins, and the damage he has done? Do Gods have to REPENT? With the new goal line, and goal post, it is now possible that SOMEONE or SOMETHING can be…….ABOVE THE LAW!

As my Christmas Gift, I will try to PRESENT a moe Realistic and Historic Jesus, who may have personally blocked Emperor Caligula from entering the temple – after he announced he was going to put a statue of himself in the Holy of Holies. If God has a son – and could see into the future – He would want His son – THERE! Instead, Jesus goes after…..SCRIBES! What? – WHY? I believe – this is a lie! Was Jesus the head of the scribes, and he step forth and read the reason the Emperor could not put his statue in the temple – and Holy of Holies? If so – your days, your minutes………..would be numbered! Did Caligula PAY a Roman Jew to – oppose Scribe Jesus?

I don’t know about you, but Iam done with Paul’s caterwauling!

To be continued – to Christmas Day.

John ‘The Nazarite’

No, no regrets
No, I will have no regrets
All the things that went wrong
For at last I have learned to be strong

No, no regrets
No, I will have no regrets
For the grief doesn’t last
It is gone, I’ve forgotten the past

And the memories I had
I no longer desire
Both the good and the bad
I have flung in a fire

Caterwauling is a very interesting word that may not be familiar to some people. The origin of “caterwaul” comes from the Middle Dutch term “cater” which means tomcat and the Middle English term “waul”, which means to yowl.


Repentance is reviewing one’s actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs, which is accompanied by commitment to and actual actions that show and prove a change for the better.[1]

Repentance (Hebrew: תשובה, literally, “return”, pronounced tshuva or teshuva) is one element of atoning for sin in Judaism. Judaism recognizes that everybody sins on occasion, but that people can stop or minimize those occasions in the future by repenting for past transgressions. Thus, the primary



Abstract: The Emperor Caligula’s attempt to put a statue of himself, portrayed as the god Jupiter, in the Holy of Holies of the Jerusalem Temple is described by contemporary authors Josephus and Philo of Alexandria. The chronology of this episode is firmly established by these authors as well as by Roman historians. The challenge of that chronology to the consensus chronology for Herod the Great is described, along with the attempts of consensus scholars to deal with the challenge. Closely related to the Caligula statue issue is a Seder ‘Olam passage associating the burning of the Second Temple with a Sabbatical year. New evidence is presented showing that the Seder ‘Olam places that event in the latter part of a Sabbatical year, in con-flict with the consensus date for a Sabbatical year during Herod the Great’s siege of Jerusalem but in harmony with the minority view that dates the siege to 36 BC.


The scribes’ original aim was in earnest—to know and preserve the Law and encourage others to keep it. But things turned horribly wrong when man-made traditions overshadowed God’s Word and a pretense of holiness replaced a life of true godliness. The scribes, whose stated goal was to preserve the Word, actually nullified it by the traditions they handed down (Mark 7:13).

How did things get so far off course? Probably because the Jews, after surviving centuries of persecution and enslavement, clung in pride to the keeping of the Law and how it marked them as God’s chosen people. The Jews of Jesus’ day certainly had an attitude of superiority (John 7:49), which Jesus opposed (Matthew 9:12). The bigger problem was that the scribes were hypocrites at heart. They were more interested in appearing good to men than they were in pleasing God. Eventually, it was these same scribes who played a part in having Jesus arrested and crucified (Matthew 26:57Mark 15:1Luke 22:1–2). The lesson every Christian can learn from the hypocrisy of the scribes is that God wants more than outward acts of righteousness. He wants an inward change of heart that is constantly yielding in love and obedience to Christ.

Is Lucifer the Greek god Apollo?

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Post by Yahu » Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:23 pm

Many of the standard doctrines about Lucifer don’t come from scripture but out of literature like Milton’s Paradise Lost. People falsely interpret scripture based on the preconception generated by such works.

First off, the name Lucifer is ONLY used once in the entire Bible. The name isn’t even a name but a title and is never even used until the Latin translation of the bible. The Hebrew word used is Heylel. It means ‘light bringer’, ‘shining one’. In that only passage were Lucifer is used, it isn’t talking about an angel but the prophecy is about a man. It actually calls him a man directly. It speaks of the rejoicing as his death. The decay of his body, being eaten by worms, being cast out of his grave, his spirit descending into hell then the rulers of hell say ‘Is this the MAN …? The passage is addressed to the ‘king of Babylon’. Note this can be translated several ways other then ‘King of Babylon’. Hebrew MLK can be king or the pagan deity known as Molech in scripture which means ‘shameful king’. Babylon is actually the word ‘Babel’ meaning confusion. So it could be ‘king of Babel’, ‘King of Confustion’ or even ‘Molech of Babel’, the pagan sun god.

Sun god worship is condemned throughout the old testament is in rampant in the ancient paganism. There are numerous references that equate the ancient pagan sun god direction to Satan worship.

In Revelation, the ‘king’ of the bottomless pit, abyss, is directly named as Abbadon in the Hebrew meaning ‘the destroyer’ and Apollyon in the Greek, also meaning ‘the destroyer’. Apollyon is one of the spellings of the Greek god Apollo. The devil is also ‘the destroyer’.

The passage in Isa 28 about the so-called fall of Lucifer has him as ‘ben Shachar’, ie ‘son of the Morning’. Most people don’t realize that ‘Shachar’ was a Canaanite god that was a ‘son of El’. This individual is mentioned other places in scripture. The most notable passage is Job 38 which firsts talks about the ‘morning stars’ singing as Yah laid the foundation of the earth. Are these the stars that Lucifer is setting his throne above? The passage goes on to say that Yah appointed the Morning/Shachar to shake the wicked out of the earth.

Job 38:12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place;
13 That it (he) might take hold of the ends (skirts) of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it?

The ancient Babylonian and Sumerian paganism is rampant with an angelic being, ie, a god that was a representative of heavens, that took the goddess of the Earth as his consort and produced the other gods. The Anunaki were the children of Anu and Ki (mother earth). Was Anu, Shachar that took hold of the skirts of the earth and shock the wicked one out of that union? One of the other names of Ki is Nammah, the name of Noah’s wife, the mother of all. Noah was commanded to raise up his seed in the Earth, Nammah was his wife that he raised up seed within. Earth is one of her nicknames.

In the passage of Isa 28 it later goes on to talk about the ‘root of the serpent’, the cockatrice and the friut/child/offspring of the Cockatrice, the ‘fiery serpent’. Is this ‘fiery serpent’ the same as the ‘great red dragon’ of Revelation who is the child of the cockatrice.

Even the passage in Revelation that talks about the fall of 1/3 of the stars of heaven is an event that takes place during the period of the tribulation. It is generally misused as referencing a past event of the so-called fall of an angelic being before the creation of man. Even the ‘stars of heaven’ are referenced numerous times in the Old Testament in conjunction with the ancient paganism of worship of the sun, moon, planets, constelations (the host of heaven).

Another point to understand is that the Hebrew word Shamayim, heavens, can be EITHER the realm of Yah or just the sky. The fall of the ‘king of Babel’ could just as easily be a fall from the sky, ie, the casting down of the Tower of Babel and the pagan worship that was set up there. There are also four angels bound at the Euphrates that get let loose in Revelation. Who were these four angels? Why and when were they bound there? What crime did they commit against Yah to be imprisoned? Did they have children like the ‘sons of God’ in Gen 6? Why were they bound at the Euphrates when the others are said to be bound in Tartarus? Were these four more angels that committed the same sin after the flood as those that did before the flood? Were these the ‘Morning Stars’ that Lucifer set his throne above?

The passage in Eze that is taught as a reference to Lucifer is addressed to the primary pagan deity of Tyrus. Melqart, ‘king of the city’, is one of the titles of Molech at the city of Tyrus. The prophecy before it is to Baal and the prophecy after it is to Ashtoreth. These are the three primary Canaanite deities, the unholy trinity. Again a passage about the ancient pagan sun of the Canaanites is used as a reference to Lucifer.

Even the Roman name of Lucifer is a reference to the goddess Diana Luciferah of Ephesus. The twin sister of the pagan sun god.

In Revelation 2, the ‘seat of Satan’ in the city of Pergamos is a reference to the great alter of Zeus that was located there.

Isa 57:9 also equates offering sacrifices to Molech as ‘debasing thyself unto hell’.

There are literally hundreds of scriptural clues that point directly to Lucifer being a title of the ancient pagan sun god. The sun god used ‘arrows of the sun’ while Satan is said to send ‘fiery darts’.

So where did the doctrine that Lucifer was a great angle that was cast from Yah’s heaven and took 1/3 of the angels into rebellion with him come from? The answer is Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, not scripture. There are many, many references in scripture that point to the ancient pagan sun god as who is being referenced as Lucifer and he is not an angle but the offspring of an angle, a Nephilim, ie seed of the serpent that was sown in the earth.

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