Swineburne and The Rose of the World

Time to finish my books and bring Jack London to Eugene Oregon.

Rosamond Press

In London’s Wake

A Serial Published by Royal Rosamond Press

John Presco

Copyright 2022

In the last week I’ve gone on a crash course while following the trail that Jack London left behind while in the body of Martin Eden. There are confounding gaps – in his story? Did London author ‘Martin Eden’? After reading this – I have my doubts….

“There was a brief pause in the conversation they were trying to get started. Then she asked tentatively about the scar on his cheek. Even as she asked, he realized that she was making an effort to talk his talk, and he resolved to get away from it and talk hers.

“It was just an accident,” he said, putting his hand to his cheek. “One night, in a calm, with a heavy sea running, the main-boom-lift carried away, an’ next the tackle. The lift was wire, an’ it was…

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