“The Trump Derangement Syndrome”

I posted this three years ago. The whole world is seriously considering if Trump is deranged for having a Jew Hater for Thanksgiving dinner. On July 2, 2019 I volunteer to BE INSANE, instead of Trump, for the sake of THE NATION! How many of my readers – thought I was – INSANE?




Rosamond Press

I am a true prophet who saw this coming! I stuck my neck out and was attacked by real witches and their backer – Christians! Without Sinners and Witches – Christianity would have gone out of business a long time ago. The Manhattan Declaration is a case of too many self-righteous assholes, all dressed up and nowhere to go. They got all these fine diplomas from Jesus College, but do not own a clear-cut moral high ground – until the Democrats legalized Abortion and Same Sex Marriage. Here is some DARK STUFF they can put up their righteous flagpole and salute it!  All this holy brainpower can’t come up with a Great Sales Campaign to sell The Light of God!

Surely no man of god was present when their Messiah composed the letter to Pelosi who is depicted as a old hag out to get Beautiful Donald – employing the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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