The Really BAD and High News Show

One day, Victoria and Starfish show up for work, and the door is locked. There is a sign;



“There must have been massive budget cuts!”

They call up their friend, Admiral Swineburne, who has just got his own show interviewing Golf Greats in the States.

“My station just fired its news team for hanging out with Fascist Holocausts Deniers – on Thanksgiving Day – no less! Give them a ring! There was some tennis shoes payola going on, too. Be careful, this is a very liberal station.”

The first B&H show:

Starfish is shoved in front of the camera after the director got her – GOOD and HIGH!

“And now….for the Small Boobs report!” Victoria gives another report about her small boobs. The BAD team is a BIG UNDERGROUND HIT behind the New Iron Curtain. Most of their fans send this message…


The B&H report will cover gravest concerns of Western Civilization.

  1. Am I getting high enough?
  2. Are my boobs too small”

Alas, Trump is shoved out of the limelight!

Every Friday, Victoria and Starfish do their dance at the Hanger. They passionately kiss at the end. One night there is a commotion in the audience. Governor Tina has caught Governor Ron lurking in the audience – wearing a disguise! He is – unmasked! Ronny threatens to – DESTROY OREGON! This is caught on tape.

“Chill out – bitch! I’m just being bad – and hanging out!:

John Presco

The song was rumoured to be about smoking dried banana skins, which was believed to be a hallucinogenic drug in the 1960s, though this aspect of bananas has since been debunked.[7] According to Donovan’s notes, accompanying the album Donovan’s Greatest Hits, the rumour that one could get high from smoking dried banana skins was started by Country Joe McDonald in 1966, and Donovan heard the rumour three weeks before “Mellow Yellow” was released as a single.

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