Dagmar’s Acid and Crash Pad

If you were looking to drop some acid, you went to Dagmar’s on Telegraph. If you wanted a place to crash, throw you bag on Dagmar’s floor. Her door was always open. There were three shifts of Trippers. We were ‘Trailblazers’. The year is 1965-66.

Dagmar was married to Brian Purvis, Keith’s brother, who is seen on this canal bridge in Venice with his buddies. From the left: Me, Peter Shapiro, Tim O’Connor, Susie, Keith.

I rented the bottom floor of this house in Alameda in 1971 and lived with Peter and Tim.

Death In Venice



One evening we talked about the crazy raid of the Berkeley Cops. They broke down doors and rushed in with vacuum cleaners. If they found a pot seed in their bag, it was used in court to bust your ass off to San Quintin. Would the Oakland Cops follow suit?

Country Joe lived a block away on Telegraph (red tile awning) and held a open appartment for Trippy Hippies. We smoked pot with him. When Janis Joplin stopped by, Joe put her in the back of his pickup and drove her up Telegraph, her ostrich feathers flowing after her. I got to see that. I also got to see a big bag of Acid put in a suitcase at the appartment on Claremont where I lived with Keith and James. My art patron made Acid with his childhood friend, Tim Skully.

“This is going to the Beatles!”

According to the Holy and Sane Nurse Ratched Squad, their Killer Jesus will wipe out all this history, and all of the world’s history. Only Humble Emperor Jesus’ history will be allowed. When you turn on the news in heaven, you will only hear Jesus’ opinions. This is why I am convinced our President will not be going to heaven. Huffington News just said Mad Trump is a Accessory to Murder. He is telling the world he has formed a Rich Man Cult. I am reminded of the movie 2012. They got their arks ready to go. This is what you get for thinking Trump is the Messiah.

“So long – suckers!”

Bellow is a photo of Donald selling space on his Ark to the Crown Prince. I declare the Commander in Chief of the United States of America – A DESERTER!


Down the street from Joe’s was a Safeway that was open 24 hours. We tripped in there, with other strange Trailblazers floating down the isles looking for munchies, or, hallucinating on the packaging, we not able to grasp the idea that we are – Food Eaters.

Sure we thought Jesus was just like us! The Kimites were pleased to know they bagged a Real Hippie – for Jesus, and were divvying up their 300 Sanity Points, when they realized they bagged Mr. Big! Now, their mind is blown, seeing they got ten zillion Sanity Points. They are online talking with other Jesus Freaks about a possible Pre-Rapture, a early liftoff! Super Sane Jesus is checking them out.

Wave to the computer camera! Say – cheese!

I declare Thelma Reid the forerunner of the Hippy.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Robert Miles – Vietnam Vet

Robert W. Miles is my father-in-law. He is five months younger then me. He met my mother in a bar in Reseda California, and then, left for Vietnam. He told Rosemary if he survived, he would marry her. I do not know the date of their marriage.

At my wedding reception, Robert got into a discussion with Tim O’Connor, the son of a famous actor of the same name. He told Tim about the horrific things he and his platoon did to produce a body-count, they coming to understand that is why they are there for, and that was what was expected of them. Robert was very volatile, and suffered from PTSD. My wife was friends of the Mimi Baez, Joan’s sister. I was very anti-war.





Here is where I had my second Acid Freak-out! I saw the FBI and CIA climbing this telephone pole to spy on us. They attached a coiled wire with jack and sent it towards my bellybutton. They wanted to get plugged in to our Cosmic Truths.

McDonald has noted that his ex-girlfriend at the time, Janis Joplin, showed much anger for breaking up with her to be with Menken but asked him to write a song about her; the result was “Janis”.[7][16]

McDonald has four other children, Devin (b. 1976) and Tara (b. 1980) from his marriage to Janice Taylor, and Emily (b. 1988) and Ryan (b. 1991) from his marriage to Kathy Wright.[12]

As of 2012, McDonald still lived in Berkeley, California.[17]









Sacred School of the Great White Brotherhood

forest2 forest6 forest14 love-cult

Last night I discovered the opening shot of the trillion dollar war against members of a Pagan Cult that led to the imprisoning of mullions, many of them white hippies, beats, and Bohemians. This war began when Alemeda District Attroney, Earl Warrne instructed Oakland Cops to raid a house on Forest Street. As fate would have it, this house is around the corner from a duplex on Claremont where I saw members of the Brotherhood of Eternal prepare a suitcase of LSD for tripsters in England. I heard a rumor the Beatles were customers.  Earl Warren, Ed Meese, Frank Coakley, and Ronald Reagan, conducted a modern day Witch Hunt against Paganism. This was not a war against drugs. This is a Conservative Christian Crusade that the Religious-right has been conducting since 1927. And who is King Ben of the House of David? Is this what Dan Brown was eluding to?



forest3 forest18 forest19 forest20

With the demonstration of ‘Black Lives Matter’ against the radical socialists, Bernie Sanders, this history is now very pertinent, because in the 60s ‘White Bohemian Lives Matter” in the fight against racism and oppression. These articles establish a historic culture that is not confined to the Flower Children, and thus deserves all the respect other cultures enjoy. There were no drugs involved. Moral Cops and Prigs were riding around in cop cars armed to the teeth. ISIS are Moral Cops who will cut off your hand if you are caught smoking a cigarette. Do the they gouge out the eyes of the people they oppress for reading a Western Poem? The goal was to destroys these young people’s lives as an example to other young people. One youth appears to have been sent to a orphanage.



The Bad Peanut of Temescal

forest31 forest32 forest33 forest35 forest36 forest37

William Carter Spann was the manager of the building I lived in on Shafter with Gloria Ehlers. Bill may be the foremost celebrity of the Bohemian enclave gathering momentum in Temescal, an area in Oakland next to Rockridge. There is a Friday Art Walk and neighborhood fair. I love the Temescal Alley.

The news tonight said President Carter has cancer. His nephew died of exposure. He was a homeless person suffering from AIDS. He called himself ‘The Bad Peanut’. The first time I paid my rent I asked him why he had peanut bags hanging on the wall with the name CARTER.

“My uncle is the Governor of Georgia, and we own peanut farms.”

Bill was not the first rebel of Temescal. Thelma Reid got caught up in a Love Cult. If she lived on 47th. she was in Temescal, where thanks to her, the birth of the Hippies can be traced.

“In 1927, 17-year-old Thelma Reid had just begun her first year of college at UC Berkeley. She was living on 45th street in Oakland’s Rockridge district with her family and did many of the typical things a college coed did—went to class, helped around the house and did her homework. She never expected her studies would spawn one of the biggest scandals in Rockridge history. But then again, it wasn’t ordinary homework.”


Here is the house that was raided by Oakland Cops led by Earl Warren who authored a report of the assassination of President Kennedy. It is right on the cusp of Temsecal and Rockridge at 460 Forest. This is where it all began. Before there were Beats and Hippies in San Francisco, there was the Great White Brotherhood, and their Love Cult. Consider Mel Lyman and Charlie Manson. Then there is that Cornell crowd, Richard Farina and Thomas Pynchon. Let’s no leave out the ‘Last Bohemian’ Jiryl Zorthian and his daughters.


The building we lived in was torn down and replaced with these modern rentals. Carter got fired and moved across the street into a cottage in back of the old house on the left.

forest11 forest12

I met Gloria in SF and moved into her apartment on 51st. Street. (right) Michael Harkins has a speaker shop on 51st. (left)

forest7 forest8

I lived with Amber in a apartment in the building on the lower right. I caught her in bed with my friend Paul Drake, who played the Bad Peanut, Mick, in Sudden Impact. About twenty Oakland Cops showed up for that Love Scene. There was a big storm that night that blew over a big redwood that was in the driveway and came to rest on the building by Amber’s window who was going to the California College of Arts and Crafts. She took me to her poetry class. She wanted me to meet Michael McClure who I had already met thru Michael Harkins who took me to see his good friends play ‘The Beard’. Harkins was a good friend of Jim Morrison. Oliver Stone wanted my friend’s take.

I was a original Hippie and Amber was showing me off, she not wanting to be seen as a wanna-be and McLure groupie.  Did she know McClure was the wanna-be?  I went and saw him at the first Be In. Ginsberg was on stage. His poem ‘Howl’ was ruled obscene, and when Ferlenghetti published it, he got arrested.

In 1965 I lived on 51st and Miles with Sherry Souza who had Bill Arnold’s baby that Christine came by to see. Sherry was a friend and neighbor of Nancy Hamren  who works at the Kesey Creamery. Nancy got me on the bus with Ken Kesey. She had been Bill’s lover. Two blocks up Miles I lived with my wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen , who was married to Thomas Pymchon. Harkins lived on Shafter. My friend Bryan MacLean, who was in the rock group ‘Love’, played at our wedding. Mary Ann went to Cornell and was good friends of Richard and Mimi.

This is the scene that Bill Carter considered himself a part of. There is a good chance President Carter funded his nephew’s Bohemian lifestyle that Ronald Reagan and Ed Meese exploited in his rise to the White House. It was Reagan’s promise to right-wing voters to destroy the Pagan Cult of the Hippie Love Generation that led him to defeat Carter.  Reagan was also aided by Radical Iranian Terrorists who took hostages.  The Great Culture Wars, rage on!




Gloria Ehlers and Jon Presco ‘Temescal Pioneers’. 1975

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


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