Soaring Price of MAGAWEAR

Who saw this coming? The markup should go for the homeless.

I will make Magawear the villain in one of my books. Christian leaders say Trump used them.

John Presco

Trumpflation causes prices of MAGA products to skyrocket

Story by (Dave Levinthal) • Yesterday 1:53 PM

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Prices for Trump campaign merchandise, such as red “Make America Great Again” caps, have skyrocketed. Nick Wagner/AP© Nick Wagner/AP

  • Trump presidential campaign merchandise used to be a lot less expensive.
  • Prices of some MAGA staples — t-shirts, bumper stickers — have nearly doubled in seven years.
  • The annual inflation rate is 7.7%.

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18 times Donald Trump’s political committees promised worthless rewards for a donation

  • Since leaving office, former President Donald Trump has continued to aggressively fundraise.
  • To entice donors, Trump regularly offers incentives to contributors — but they’re worthless.
  • They include trinkets, awards, and membership cards.

Since leaving Washington, DC, in January 2021, Donald Trump has lined the coffers of his several post-president political action committees — Save America PAC, Make America Great Again PAC, and the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee among them — with tens of millions of dollars, sometimes sending prospective donors two or three email and text message fundraising solicitations each day.

And now that he’s running for president again in 2024, he’s continuing his fundraising ways for his new presidential campaign committee.

To entice donors, Trump regularly offers items that might appear to have prestige and value. In reality, they have no discernible value and are largely imaginary. These include “Trump cards” that have no use, memberships to groups that don’t meet, and even the chance to be included on a “donor wall” that doesn’t appear to exist. 

Trump’s team did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Here’s a run-down of 18 made-up awards, prizes, and perks that Trump has offered to contributors during 2022:

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Trumpflation is about to pinch MAGA nation.

The prices of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign staples have skyrocketed when compared to what his 2016 presidential committee was charging.

That red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap that retailed for $25 seven years ago this month?

It’s now $38.

According to CNN, every answer given on the Jeopardy! episode refers to books in the Bible that are collections of epistles, or letters, ostensibly from Jesus’ apostle Paul to different groups in the formative days of the Christian church. But experts have varying opinions on whether Paul actually wrote the letter to the Hebrews. There are also big divisions among different schools of Christian thought regarding Paul’s influence and authorship.

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