The Bohemian State of Fromond Delmarva

Don’t let Republican take our magic away!

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The Atheist Utopian State ofDelmarva

Posted onJuly 29, 2022byRoyal Rosamond Press

DelMarVa is the new State that must arise to unite the entire DelMarVa Peninsula under one Government #MAGA

There is a blueprint for the formation of a NEW STATE called Delmarva. I propose a Deity-Free Fifty-first State of Secular beings, founded on the philosophy of Franciscus van den Enden. This state can be populated by Native American Atheists, or, by Atheist Anglos. How about a mixture of all peoples? As long as you are NOT RELIGIOUS, you can own or rent property in Delmarva.

Eureka! There was a Bohemian Czech Community in Balitmore. Fromond Delmarva will be a Contract State. To live there you sign agreement to Be Happy with what this Bohemian Culture has to offer. If you are not happy, then move to another State that can make you a better offer. I will invite Disney and Amazon to make a permanent home. There will be plenty of MAGIC for everyone!


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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