German Turner Roots of Republican Party

The Future I saw – is here! I am overwhelmed with posts.

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John Fremont and Lincoln were surrounded by Forty-Eighters who were the Radical Republicans. They founded the Republican Party who elected a Supreme and Divine Catholic in order to deliver a Holy and Mighty blow to the Secular Democrats – because Jesus is NOT on their side!

Justice Alito attacked the Duke of Sussex, Boris, and European Leaders in the SECRET enjoyment and celebration of ATTACKING American Women. I foresaw this attack and claimed I was the rightful heir of the Holy Roman Empire, that was sustained by the Catholic Habsburg Family. Below is the large portrait of this Royal Family that I tried to return to the Austrian Government. THEY DON’T WANT IT. I wrote Karl Schwarzenberg – my suspected kin – and he does not want this giant canvas, or the hundred castles his family and the Habsburgs once owned. I claimed them! The Czechs are done with the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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