When Who’s Who In America – Calls!

I haven’t posted in the last several days, because I know I got several books – that could be best sellers – and I don’t want to give them away. My keys are turning everything into gold. My toilet response to the possibility Who’s Who is reading this blog – struck pay-dirt! The Million Dollar Bathroom could be a book about the Getty Family influence on SF politics. I start out small – and three Bastone toilet units would make a great End of the World Bomb Shelter! Weld them together, put them in the ground, and cut entry in the roof! I wlll call Bastone on Monday!


Gov. Gavin Newsom is threatening to halt plans for a $1.7 million toilet in San Francisco.
The toilet received backlash, and demands to explain the cost and two-year construction timeline.
The city’s Rec and Park department said the costs included planning, drawing, permits, and reviews.


Rosamond Press

Bastone Portable Restroom w/ Showers

Who’s Who In America called me yesterday and interrupted another of my Problem Solving Sessions. I found some land for sale outside of Ojai California, and investigated what it would take for me to live my last days there, in…..The Valley of The Sadgurus!

I can get a septic tank put in for $4,000 dollars. I then searched for a portable toilet and found The Bastone Portable Restroom -With Shower! Eureka! I then found a Compact Kitchen with stainless steel top and refrigerator that I would attach to the shower side of my Love Shed – with corrugated roof. I then toyed with a bedroom on the other side, when, my phone rang. It seems someone recommended my blog, Royal Rosamond Press, but, I left the “Achievements” section – blank. It took me seven minutes to explain why – and……there it was….My Amazing World Full of Attributes….that no one wants.

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