Jesus Was Not A Jew

Jesus was not recognized as being a Jew, least a Moabite Messiah come to save Jews and Gentiles.

Rosamond Press

As I awoke, and lie in bed, my angel bid me to look for the account in Joseph’s War of the Jews, about a mounted knight that came to gate of Herod’s temple, and was barred from entering by a group of Jews. I believe this was the Monobazus, son of Queen Helena, who I suspect named herself after Hellen of Troy.  I was bid to post on this, and the truth Jesus was being tested by two groups of Pharisees, one favored him, and the other opposed him. But for his healing, there was no reason to question him. NONE! He did nothing WRONG! Now if he was a FOREIGNER who claimed to be the right-full King-Messiah of the Jews, then Jesus is going to be TESTED. Indeed, the plaque above his head, either mocks him, or praises him.

President Trump does the bidding of the false Evangelical Cult…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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