The Rise Of Royal Rosamond Fashions

The black woman that took over the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has been targeting me for a long time – and we never met! I am The Old White Man of The Sea.

Rosamond Press

The woman who wrote The Book that unlocks the inner sanctuary of the James Bond Mystique, designed the dress above. She is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor – The Fashion Plate of the Century – who wore Bohemian clothes. Thanks to my long, arduous research, you can put Liz in the painting of Gypsies, rendered by Agustus John, whom she knew. She grew up in his house, and her uncle and father dealt in John’s art.

John Presco

Howard Taylor and John Presco | Rosamond Press

Wittgenstein also enjoyed popular movies, especially American westerns and musical comedies, but he never credited them with much wisdom. After conducting a seminar, he would rush off to a “flick” solely to get his mind off philosophy. As a student at Cambridge, Malcolm often accompanied Wittgenstein to the cinema. Wittgenstein once turned to Malcolm during a film and whispered: “This is like a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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