White Men And Their Great Families

It has been eight hours since I read about the destructive input of Nataki Bennett. I want her to resign. Sir Henry Alexander Webb was usher to the Privy Council of Katherine Parr, Queen Regent of Britian in the 16th century, 6th Queen of Henry VIII of England; to whose influence the future sovereigns Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I owed a great deal.
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Above is a statue of my kin, Alexander Webb. I just founded a Society for renaming buildings after him.


An investigation needs to take place to see if a White Man was ever considered to replace another White Man, in the renaming of buildings located on our Colleges. If not, this constitutes abject Racism, and Iconoclasm! Two years ago I took steps to remove Joseph Lane from being honored in my County.


Senator Thomas Hart Benton was not a king, but a politician that was elected to serve five terms in the State of Missouri that sent thousands of Scot-Irish Immigrants to the Oregon Territory to secure it from rule by the King of England. If the democratic voters of Missouri did not like what Benton was selling, then they would have voted him out of office. Therefore, as a elected official, Benton is above being punished by…

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