The Cultural And Religious History of Springfield

I am composing the history of Polly Lane and will send it to The City Club.

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The Radio Church of God and Radio London –Remembered

Posted onAugust 18, 2018byRoyal Rosamond Press

I talked to the people inside the building that replaced KORE about doing a mural on this wall. I collected some earth in remembrance of Ben Toney. I have to put the video on youtube. I put five scoops of dirt in bag that had these words printed on it:

I felt like Ben Toney was my brother. Our mutual interest in genealogies that we shared on facebook, made us like family. Alas, after his death, I am able to go to Ben’s facebook, without smoke getting in my eyes. Being the ‘Family Genealogist’ can be the loneliest title known to man. In one post Ben says “I just can’t stop”. I concur. For this reason I am going to ask Raquel Toney if she will take a DNA test because I…

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