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The Most Noble Order of the Garter, founded in 1348, is the highest order of chivalry and the third most prestigious honour (after the Victoria Cross and George Cross) in England and of the United Kingdom, and is dedicated to the image and arms of St. George as England’s patron saint.

I believe a ceremony took place in Saint Georges Cathedral involving the Knights of the Garter. It began in the vault where my Wilson grandfathers are buried. The men at the altar mentioned Alpha and Omega, and one said “And we shall rise again”. I suspect Elizabeth’s coffin was raised back up and greeted by the Knights of the Garter. I saw no members of the Spencer family. Was Princess Diana ever a member of the Knights of the Garter? Her son, Harry, has remained loyal to his mother and the Camelot Dream that had to be transferred to his father, Charles…The King of England. But, Harry and his family moved to America. Archie is an heir to the throne. I suspect John Wilson and others born at Windsor, recreated the rituals of the Knights of the Garter in Boston, and buried these Grail Knights at the King’s Chapel. Putin just mobilized Russian citizens and threated to use nuclear weapons. We The Brave….will rise to the defense of our Nations.  See you at the United Nations!

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Rosamond’s Well

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John Presco

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The search for the Fountain of Eternal Youth.

A rare book on Pons DeLeon’s search for the Fountain of Youth in the Americas is discovered by Countess Karen Gorden while doing renovations to Althrop. There is mention of Rosamond’s Well and the special properties of the waters. Prince Charles invites Harry and Meghan to come stay with him and Camillia after he is shown this book. Charles promises to make Harry a Prince, and give Meghan and her children, royal titles – if they help search for the Fountain in California. Meghan feels for Charles. Old age has caught up with him, and, he is afraid he will be passed over.

“If only I could take twenty years off my life, or, not age another day!”

Earl Spencer’s third wife Countess Karen Gordon reveals changes to Althorp Northamptonshire | Daily Mail…

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