Many Evangelicals Are Devil’s In Disguise

Are all the Republicans getting hehind Trump and his terrible attorneys – because their Humpty Deumbpty Putin Man – had a terrible fall when he was caught peddling nuclear secrets like a Common Traitor? Get out! Get out of Fremont’s party!

Rosamond Press

I am going to re-register as a Republican today, so I can drive the false prophets, and devils in sheep’s clothing, out of the party founded by my abolitionist kindred. I am going to give some Bible lessons aimed at the Evil Trumpire of Satan Pussy Grabber!


Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Your Disgust for Roy Moore’s Evangelicals May Say More about You than the Actual Data

Image: By Nick Fox via

The accusations against Roy Moore are credible and Moore should step down. If he continues to maintain his innocence, he should still step down so he can fight to clear his name, for the good of his state, for the success of his party, and to end the embarrassment he is causing evangelicals.

Now, what Moore is credibly accused of is horrific. Christians need to avoid even the appearance of ambivalence towards sexual assault and child molestation. The world is watching and the gospel demands us take a stand…

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