The Civil Rights Movement is under attack.

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John Presco

An Idea for a Cable T.V. Live Streaming Series.

Copyright 2022

(I posted this on April 11, 2022. Five days later I met a masked young woman named Bowie and began to tell her about my series, when I was rudely interrupted. What I was going to write, is that the Czech-Republic gives back the Schwarzenberg Castles to Rosamond descendants of the Sensheim royalty that were thought to be extant. They want Americans to have a vested interested in being a member of NATO now that Killer Putin is on the rampage. After the castles are passed out, the Czech Government is shocked to learn they moved the descendants of Real Hillbillies into their Luxurious Sleeping Beauty Castles. Some of them are real good at Clogging and playing Bluegrass. Putin and Kirill were not….pleased! A spy was sent to infiltrate them.)

Jean Val Jean Bowie Rosamond…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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