Marilyn and Marilyn

‘Blonde’ is a new Netflix series. My story of the two Marilyn’s travels from Los Angelas to Eugene Oregon.

John Presco

Marilyn & Monroe

Posted on July 6, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


My newspaper is FREE. I am on top of it.


The study was conducted by Swimwear365, who were looking to find out if the nation’s attitudes to bikini bodies have changed.

Swimwear365’s spokesperson, who commissioned the poll of 2,000 women to celebrate National Bikini Day on July 5th, said: “What we’ve found is that the iconic bikini bodies of yesteryear are as popular today as they ever were.

“No matter where you are in the world, whether on the beach abroad or at home in the UK, it’s important to feel confident in yourself and what you’re wearing – just like Raquel Welch or Marilyn Monroe.”

Marilyn at Malibu

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


Every morning I read Google News. One of my readers has noticed I am a seemingly a Trend Setter, being, folks are reading this blog, like what they see, and follow suit. I use the word “see” because you see many of the photographs I post in the “image” search. This leads to my stories that center around my sister’s and my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. I no longer rue the day I did not purchase a good camera and start shooting my muse, Marilyn Godfrey on Santa Monica beach, where we spent our weekends since we were fifteen and sixteen.

Marilyn’s friend, the famous fashion photographer, Steven Silverstein, took photos of my first flame on Malibu beach, where Andre de Dienes captured Marilyn Monroe’s extraordinary beauty when she was nineteen. When I headed East with Rena, James, and Robert, I took out the back seat of my 1950 Dodge Coronet, and put in a mattress, that became the stage for my muses’ rebellion just outside Winnamucca Nevada. Here is Belle’s rebellion, also.

“According to de Dienes’ own account of that first trip, Monroe slept in the back of his modified Buick, in a space dubbed her “little cage.” “Norma Jeane laughed like crazy when I told her she would become my little slave and prisoner,” de Dienes darkly recounted in his memoir, “that I might even buy a long thin chain to attach one end of to her ankle and the other end to the car!” It was later rumored that de Dienes’ anger got in the way of their relationship.” 


The point is, my muses would have rebelled that much harder if I pointed a camera at them, and told them I was going to make them famous, someday. Playing ‘Hard To Get’ is a part of the game Muses’ are adept at, starting with Orpheus and Eurydice. Then, there is Narcissus.


Above: Orpheus and Eurydice on the Banks of the Styx (1878) by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope – See more at:

Andre did shoots of my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who did not play hard to get, and married many men, most of them famous. I will go far with my revelation that La Belle Rosemond’ is Madame Du Barry, the Muse of the most famous woman artist of her day, LaBille-Guiard. I will author a scholarly paper on this. She will be my Eurydice I will recover from Hades and place on the Bourbon throne.

Marilyn Monroe agreed to be Andre de Dienes’ Muse. Belle Burch agreed to be my Muse, and accepted a blue Schwinn in exchange of her modeling for my painting I wanted to do of Fair Rosamond, I was not happy with all the attempts before me, they never taking me deep into the Labyrinth that Mon Belle took me. She is also my Political Muse.

My aunt Lillian lived on Malibu Beach and dated Errol Flynn when she was eighteen. She told me the story about her mother chasing this infamous actor out of her house early one morning when he and his beat friend came serenading.

Rosamonds 1944 Aug Lilian

Because my Country calls, I am now going to launch a major study of Samson of Delilah. I believe I may have been given a Disciple in regards to the teaching of the Nazarites. Dame Rosemond Taylor is a convert to Judaism. I might use an image of her for Fair Rosamond. This face, these eyes, could launch –  another thousand ships? This is The Face that LaBille-Guiard tried to capture.

Marilyn Reed has been my Literary Muse for over a year. Amy Sargent is my Art Muse who encourages me to render works of Art. Amy did modeling when she was a teen, and owned that Marilyn Look. We talked about me coming out for a visit. We have never met in person. She gave me two paintings which are my healing spirit guides.

Both Andre and Steven employed photographic techniques to create Works of Art. Andre Beuchamp was developing a artistic style. Andy Warhol did famous works of art from photographs of Marilyn, Liz, and Liza Minnelli, who wrote a screenplay about Christine Rosamond. Liz encouraged Michael Jackson to take up art. Bryan dated Liza, then my sister, who married into the artistic Benton family.

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite’

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