Pro-Male Dominance In All Life-matters


This morning I was presented with this shocking report. Why didn’t female students at Oregon State volunteer to vet Amy as a class project?

Oh, I know why….alleged radical students were aching to shame my dead relative, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. They didn’t bother to look and see if he had any LIVING kin they could shame in person by marching in front of my abode. Now that they got loan forgiveness, will they stop playing high school – root for your tribe – games? There are serious conversations about another Civil War that was fought over – ANOTHER RELIGIOUS SCHISM! There were renowned Southern Ministers giving PRO-SLAVERY sermons in answer to the Abolitionist sermons. So much for faith-based goodness. How many men were killed?

“Thou shall not kill.”

“Oregon’s Democratic and Republican candidates for governor on Wednesday refused to disclose their answers on questionnaires they filled out for pro- and anti-abortion rights groups.”

Republican, Democratic candidates for governor refuse to disclose what they told interest groups about stances on abortion –

Three women are vying to become the Governor of Oregon. There is supposed to be CONVERSATIONS on this historic run – where no male is in contention. I was a contender who threatened to sue the folks who sent me the questionnaire the three FEMALE candidates refuse to talk about. I suggested this is another ruse for Christianity to SHAME HUMAN GENETALIA, a extortion racket that built cathedrals all over Europe. I did not fill out this invasion of my privacy – and send it to – whom? Four years ago I said this to my first girlfriend, Marilyn Reed;

“If I had told my mother your mother threatened to get me arrested for not going down to be saved at the Billy Graham crusade, she would have gabbed a knife, got in her Anglia – and killed your mother!”

Marilyn looked shocked!

“We come from a famous Catholic family who helped the Order of Saint Francis that fled Germany during the Kulturekamph.”

I was also required by Marilyn’s mother to go to her Southern Baptist Church – if I spent Saturday night in her room – on the floor! M told me her mother was convinced we were fornicating, and I needed to be saved – because I was a Catholic. I listened to many anti-Catholic sermons. What we were doing was….


This is way more sinful. The Torah has a taboo about spilling your seed on the ground. Let’s go there in my next “CONVERSAYION” because the Christian-right is going after CONTRACEPTION – next!

Amy Coney Barret was a member of a church that preached Male Domination. Bob Jones University lost its tax exemption when they FOBID MIXED RACE COUPLEs on campus. The Red States were sore losers. They lost the Civil War. They hate the Civil Rights movement, and USE abortion as a way to say Democrats don’t care about – HUMAN LIFE! Marilyn married a Black Man!

Where are the young women of Oregon in this “CONVERSATION”? You got to know YOUR STUFF. Being pro and con – does not cut it!

The top pic is my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond nee’ Wienke. Below he is her cousin. Here is Mary with her four daughters. My mother, Rosemary, and her sister, Lillian, dated Errol Flynn. Mary chased Errol out of her home, with broom, in her long white nightgown!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Wikipedia

The People of Praise, a secretive Christian faith group that counts the conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a member, considered women’s obedience and subservience to men as one of its key early teachings, according to leaked remarks and writings of the wife of the group’s founder.

Reimers’ book critiquing the group, called Not Reliable Guides, states that men in People of Praise “were quietly taught by their heads and leaders not to change or rinse out diapers” and that women’s emotions were “distrusted”. Pastoral problems were often addressed by asking a woman where she was in her menstrual cycle.

The Real Origins of the Religious Right – POLITICO Magazine

Get Out Of My Republican Party – Now!

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Billy Graham and John F. Kennedy at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. in February 1961.
Billy Graham and President John F. Kennedy at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. in February 1961

Depending on which woman wins the job, future conversations about abortion rights — and other privacy-related issues — could look very different in the state.

A compilation of photos of the three major candidates for Oregon governor. From left to right: Tina Kotek, Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan.
A compilation of photos of the three candidates for Oregon governor. From left to right: Tina Kotek, Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan.

Franklin Graham said;

“One hundred years ago, political leaders in every community were the pastors. They were the voices that were heard. They were the voices that had the influence. Politicians know that and the government knows that – and they are trying to shut the mouths of especially evangelicals.”

The beautiful blonde in the photo above is my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn Godfrey. We met at Univeristy High School in West Los Angelas in 1962. I was sixteen, and she, fifteen. Two years later, Marilyn’s mother forced me to attend four Billy Graham crusades at the LA Colesum, if I wanted to see my beautiful lover again. When I failed to go down on the field, fall to my kness, and be Saved, Marie Godfrey forbid me to see the love of my life. If I tried, she would have me arrested. I was seventeen.

As a five thousand person choir sang ‘Jesus I Come’ I got up and walked to the rose garden through the Roman arches. I was all alone, one voice against ten thousand. How Marilyn found me, is a miracle. She said this, with tears in her eyes;

“If you are not saved, my mother will never let me see you again!”

Looks and sounds to me the evangelical voice is not oppressed in America, and, the Grahams are full of shit. How dare they piss and moan because their ilk failed to take over my democracy, and rule it in the name of Jesus – in proxy! The voice of the American People – has been heard! God hates liars – especially those who lie in His Name!

I was one voice crying in the wildeness. I was not old enough to vote. I was in love.


Jon ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Devil Graham & Son | Rosamond Press

Today, evangelicals make up the backbone of the pro-life movement, but it hasn’t always been so. Both before and for several years after Roe, evangelicals were overwhelmingly indifferent to the subject, which they considered a “Catholic issue.” In 1968, for instance, a symposium sponsored by the Christian Medical Society and Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelicalism, refused to characterize abortion as sinful, citing “individual health, family welfare, and social responsibility” as justifications for ending a pregnancy. In 1971, delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, passed a resolution encouraging “Southern Baptists to work for legislation that will allow the possibility of abortion under such conditions as rape, incest, clear evidence of severe fetal deformity, and carefully ascertained evidence of the likelihood of damage to the emotional, mental, and physical health of the mother.” The convention, hardly a redoubt of liberal values, reaffirmed that position in 1974, one year after Roe, and again in 1976.

[John C. Fremont and William Lewis Dayton flag]

John F. Kennedy, Billy Graham: irrecoverable moments in 1963 | Baptist Press

Others, like the world-famous Baptist evangelist Billy Graham, were more apprehensive about appearing to favor either candidate. According to his 1994 book, Beyond Peace, Nixon himself suggested Graham should stay out of the fray. “Government cannot reach into people’s hearts. Religion can,” wrote the controversial politician. “I told [Graham] he would undermine his own ability to change people spiritually if he engaged in activities designed to change governments politically.”

The book also told of a secret meeting of influential allies around that time, as revealed through a letter from Peale’s wife, Ruth, to a friend. “Norman had a conference yesterday at Montreux, Switzerland, with Billy Graham and about 25 church leaders from the United States,” she wrote. “They were unanimous in feeling that the Protestants in America must be aroused in some way, or the solid block Catholic voting, plus money, will take this election.”

A second, more public meeting involving many of the same participants was scheduled for September 7 in Washington, D.C. With Graham still out of the country – and pleading ignorance to events that unfolded without him – Peale became the face of the gathering and was promptly blasted for holding a conference on the Catholic Church’s shortcomings without input from liberal theologians or representatives of other faiths. The outcry was such that many newspapers dropped Peale’s syndicated column, and he even offered to resign his pastorship at New York City’s Marble Collegiate Church.

Revealed: leaked video shows Amy Coney Barrett’s secretive faith group drove women to tears

Stephanie Kirchgaessner – Yesterday 11:09 PM

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The People of Praise, a secretive Christian faith group that counts the conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a member, considered women’s obedience and subservience to men as one of its key early teachings, according to leaked remarks and writings of the wife of the group’s founder.

A leaked video of a recent private People of Praise event, marking its 50th anniversary, shows Dorothy Ranaghan explaining how some female followers of the faith group cried intensely in reaction to the group’s early teachings on “headship” and the “roles of men and women”, in which men are considered divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and dominant to women.

Asked in an interview during the anniversary event about the years after the group’s members first made a “covenant” to join People of Praise in the early 1970s, Dorothy Ranaghan said: “Some of the women – who are still in my women’s group, as a matter of fact – were wearing sunglasses all the time, because they were always crying and would have to hold on to their chairs every time somebody started teaching, because ‘What are we going to hear this time?’”

She then added, as the audience and her interviewer laughed: “But it all worked out just fine in the end.”

The comment marks the first time a statement about some women’s negative early responses to “headship” teachings has been published. The leaked footage was shared with the Guardian by a source who asked to remain anonymous.

Former members of People of Praise, many of whom are critical of the group’s dominance over members’ lives, have described the group as calling for complete obedience of women to their husbands.

The Guardian has previously reported that one of the group’s former members described in a sworn affidavit filed in the 1990s that Kevin Ranaghan – the group’s founder and Dorothy’s husband – exerted almost total control over her when she was living in the couple’s household, including making all decisions about her finances and dating relationships. It also embraces traditions like encouraging members to speak in tongues, and performing exorcisms.

Barrett, who lived in the Ranaghan household while she attended law school at Notre Dame, has never publicly disclosed or discussed her membership in the Christian charismatic sect, where her father had a leadership role and where she previously served as a “handmaid”. Barrett has said she is a “faithful Catholic” whose religious beliefs would not “bear in the discharge of my duties as a judge”.

But while Barrett’s personal faith-based opposition to abortion rights and Roe v Wade were known before her 2020 confirmation and before she joined a majority of justices in overturning the landmark ruling that protected abortion rights nationally, less is known about the culture in which Barrett was raised and its views on women and childbirth, suffering, and their role in society.

Barrett has never addressed how the reversal of Roe might effect a woman’s life. But during oral argument in Dobbs v Jackson, the supreme court case that ultimately overturned Roe, Barrett referred specifically in questions to the availability of so-called “safe haven” laws across the US, which allow mothers to abandon newborns in designated locations without the risk of punishment.

Barrett suggested that the availability of such legal protections for new mothers meant that while women might be forced to give birth if Roe were overturned, they would not necessarily be forced to become parents, or be burdened by parenthood.

The line of questioning was decried as “cruel and dangerous” by pro-choice activists and writers, who said that seeing safe haven laws as a viable replacement for reproductive choice ignored real health risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth, and ignored women’s rights to bodily autonomy.

Barrett’s question also appears to echo the People of Praise culture in which she was raised and has chosen to remain a part of, which emphasizes the importance of childbirth, pregnancy, and the abandonment of autonomy and privacy it supposedly entails, as a core part of what it means to be a woman.

In her early writings, Dorothy Ranaghan emphasized the need for women to be “self-giving, responsible and reserved”. In a 1978 article that appeared in New Covenant magazine, called “Fully a Woman”, childbearing is described as a “central reality of womanhood” that “determines our presence in the world”, even for those who “by chance or choice” did not have children.

“The child in the womb expands the mother’s body, changing its dimensions. As her body yields, so do the borders of privacy and selfishness. Her very existence gives to another.” Women who are most admired, she wrote, “are not private persons, but are surrendered and available to care for others”.

“Pregnancy teaches a woman that others have a claim on her very person for the service of life. Rather than annihilating her, pregnancy makes her a new person, radiant and strong: a mother,” she wrote.

Once women gave birth in the People of Praise, work to care for them is divided on gender lines, according to Adrian Reimers, a Catholic theological critic and early member of the People of Praise who was dismissed in 1985 and wrote about his experience.

Reimers’ book critiquing the group, called Not Reliable Guides, states that men in People of Praise “were quietly taught by their heads and leaders not to change or rinse out diapers” and that women’s emotions were “distrusted”. Pastoral problems were often addressed by asking a woman where she was in her menstrual cycle.

Women, Reimers wrote, played a “decidedly secondary role to men” and a married woman was “expected always to reflect the fact that she is under her husband’s authority” and under his pastoral care. A guide on the group’s approach to outreach in the Caribbean, Reimers said, explicitly stated: “We should probably deal with the Caribbean matriarchal system by quietly developing an alternate rather than encouraging a confrontation.”

Reimers has written that he believed that the People of Praise’s views on women were not rooted in the Catholic tradition, but rather Kevin Ranaghan’s involvement in the 1970s National Men’s Shepherds Conference, which was co-sponsored by Protestant leaders and believed that men were ordained by God to lead.

“It is no surprise that all these communities see feminism as one of the principle ideological evils of our time,” Reimers wrote.

The People of Praise did not respond to a request for comment. Barrett did not respond to a request for comment.

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