Boy Sceafa of Moy Mell

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My daughter, and then my grandson coming into my life, was a double miracle. This is the Rose Line from June Rosamond, who married Vincent Earl Rice, a cousin of Edgar Rice Burroughs who created Tarzan, who in one story…… found Boy.

June and Vincent died childless and left ten of their family a generous legacy. I dedicate this post to my loving aunt and uncle.

The Voyage of Sceaf – to the Music of Mahler

Sceaf is bundled up by is mother in the middle of the night. Her trusted servant leads the way down a secret passage to a waiting sleigh. As the team of white horses kick up the powdery snow, that rains down like tiny rainbows, the sound of the sleigh bells awaken the maidens of the full moon who are alarmed that the servant had not removed them.

To the sea! Hurry. Oh my darling…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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