No Friend of History

I will be writing Gavin Newsom a long letter, letting him know that Jack London wrote about my German Ancestors, and lived in Belmont.

Grand Marshal Robert Weineke led the long column of many divisions, and with the assistance of innumerable aides on gaily caparisoned horses, went over the line of march in splendid order. The route was up Market Street to City Hall avenue , around the Lick monument, countermarch on Market to Kearney , to California , to Montgomery and down Market to the Oakland ferry. The banners were many and beautiful, but it was the uniforms that especially caught the eye. Gray and green predominated. And, it is indeed a pretty sight, a body of stalwart men clad in the traditional hunting green with black drooping plums of ostrich in their dark slouch hats. But with the recent development of machinery of warfare in one’s mind, one would forebear looking a second time at the unobtrusive, inconspicuous grays. They would surely conceal more easily a sharpshooter’s movements at the time when discovery would mean to invite a whirlwind of death-dealing missiles. And the grays were pretty, too-in fact, all uniforms were neat and tasty.

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DENNY LAWHERN, president of the Belmont HistoricalSociety, looks through images that willpotentially be hung in City Hall.

DENNY LAWHERN, president of the Belmont Historical Society, looks through images that will potentially be hung in City Hall.

Denny Lawhern died on March 8, 2022. You can say the History of Belmont – IS HIS BABY – that was passed down to him when senior members of the historical society – DIED! This history suggests there is a legacy to be passed down, like my family legacy that has amazing roots in Belmont that go back to 1848. We are a – PREMIERE FAMILY!

“When I got started I was kind of a junior member and now a lot of the older members have passed away and now I find myself being up there as one of the senior members,” Lawhern said.”

I found out Denny IS DEAD last night. I debated about showing him some respect, but, when I read what Cynthia McCarthy had written on his memorial…

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