Amazon and Tolkien

Phil Gorski has written a book about the rise of Christian Nationalism that I have fought against in the blog, and a previous one that crashed.

Yale sociologist Phil Gorski on the threat of white Christian nationalism | YaleNews

Gavin Newsom should back my vision of a California Grail in order to take on the The Evil Red State Christian Nation. I own a Ring Legend.

Rosamond Press

I posted ‘Once Upon A Time’ at 10:25 P.M. on April 6th. Twenty minutes later I found this article about Amazon doing a Tolkien series.  This line caught my full attention.

Amazon said that the project will “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” in addition to a potential spinoff series.

I will be contacting Amazon, and hopefully I will not need an attorney. I have copyrighted much on Tolkien, and William Morris, whose Tale of The House of Wolfings inspired Tolkien’s trilogy. I have a deep seeded problem with promoting myself, and taking something for myself due to the abuse of my mother. But, this is the stuff fairytales are made of. Hopefully Jackson will hire me as a writer, and allow me to develop the characters. Has he come upon my blogs? I was about to post on the ‘Rose of the World’…

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