African Portrait of Melania ‘Indiana’ von Trump

Donald Trump’s cult might be bigger than any other cult.

Rosamond Press

A week after Donald was elected, I wrote him a letter asking him to let me be his White House Art Buddy’. Hence, I suspect Kanye West has made an offer to be Trump’s ‘Art Buddy’ – in person! How would I know? But, the person who really needs an ‘Art Buddy’ is Melania Trump, who should be America’s No.1 Fashion Icon. What she and Kanye need is an ‘Art Manager’. Indeed, anyone who wants to be famous should consult a Art Manager.

Melania is being boiled in a big black pot for wearing a white pith helmut and African plantation hat – with riding boots! All the better to ride down runaway slaves. Who chose this Indiana Jones look for her? Let’s go Tomb Raiding? Let’s steal other folks cultural artifacts and put them in a museum in London! If I hung with Melinania as her Art Buddy, I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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