Pro-Life For Newborn U.S. Citizens

The Supreme Court made a very flawed ruling when it did not address any issues after a child is born and becomes a U.S. Citizen. The U.S. Supreme Court makes rulings for no other nations, and thus the idea they were swayed by moral and Christian ideology – is wrong! Consider the Great Commission. Do Christian missionaries spread the pro-life message all ove the world? How about the Mormons?

Mandate and supply vaccines.

I told my therapist I almost died when I got whooping cough when eleven. My father did not get me vaccinated. His four children went to school hungry. I became the family cook when I was twelve. Whn will those at the top – start doing the right thing?


Latest from Mormon Land: Taking ‘pro-life’ beyond the womb; give General Conference talks a rest? (

Latest from Mormon Land: Taking ‘pro-life’ beyond the womb; give General Conference talks a rest?

David Noyce – 7h ago

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How to build a ‘truly pro-life society’

Anti-abortion forces celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as a “pro-life” victory. But the U.S. may be far from being a “pro-life” country.

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“If we are to build a culture that celebrates life, we cannot stop at protecting the unborn,” civil rights attorney Carolyn Homer wrote in a By Common Consent blog post. “We must make sure every new baby, and continuing to every adult, receives societal support to stay alive and thrive.”

To help do so, Homer outlined dozens of policies that she argued could lead to a “truly ‘pro-life’ society.” Among them:

• Provide health care for all.

• End the death penalty.

• Prohibit assault weapons.

• Mandate and supply vaccines.

• Serve nutritious free meals in schools for all.

• Expand food stamps and related programs.

• Offer paid family leave.

• Provide quality assisted living facilities and elder care.

• Open doors to refugees.

• Generate abundant affordable housing.

These and a host of other measures would be needed, Homer said, to ensure lives are protected and nurtured from cradle to grave.

“As Latter-day Saints in particular, we proclaim that everyone is a beloved child of God, that the worth of every soul is great in the sight of God, and that our great Christian duty is to love one another,” Homer stated. “…If we are serious about supporting life, let us reallocate the energy spent trying to eliminate abortion to promoting these social goals.”

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