Register Guard Duped by Alley

A writer for the Register Guard is involved in a International Incident.

Rosamond Press

This story is not accurate! Alley Valkyrie claims she got threats and some close friends turned their back on her. Now that I feel safe to go downtown, I am going to look at the arrest record of ‘The Twelve’. What was the conditions of their release? I suspect they were forbidden to gather downtown, and this is why they wanted me to remove that video of Belle Burch I took – with Whoville people there – and their attorney, Jean Stacey! If I discover Jean Stacey had a stay-away order, I will seek legal help!

Whoville was not loosely organized. SLEEPS had attorneys, as did Nightingale. What date were the charges dropped? My First Amendment Rights were violated and every attorney who helped Ally Valkyries, and Emily Semple – knows it! The cover-up continues!

Belle Burch, Ambrose, Alley Valkyrie, and her legal team invaded the office of our elected…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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