Register Guard Duped by Alley

This story is not accurate! Alley Valkyrie claims she got threats and some close friends turned their back on her. Now that I feel safe to go downtown, I am going to look at the arrest record of ‘The Twelve’. What was the conditions of their release? I suspect they were forbidden to gather downtown, and this is why they wanted me to remove that video of Belle Burch I took – with Whoville people there – and their attorney, Jean Stacey! If I discover Jean Stacey had a stay-away order, I will seek legal help!

Whoville was not loosely organized. SLEEPS had attorneys, as did Nightingale. What date were the charges dropped? My First Amendment Rights were violated and every attorney who helped Ally Valkyries, and Emily Semple – knows it! The cover-up continues!

Belle Burch, Ambrose, Alley Valkyrie, and her legal team invaded the office of our elected government, therefore, when I rand into Belle, she was a criminal. Did the people of Eugene demand she break the law and save the homeless? No! What was the point? Did they expect THE PEOPLE to rise up against their elected government? Yes!

Imagine of the Three Percenters that were in William Morse Square, decided to crash into John Rius’s office, and take over city hall – carrying guns! The Three threatened the police and passed around a petition to recall brown. Where was our Liberal OCCUPY Militia? There were a group of Watchers. The war for Ken Kesey Square – has just begun! Wait till I tell the Threers who they were up against!

John Presco

“Whoville provided that loosely organized system of support. In March, 2014, Valkyrie learned that the camp would be forcibly shut down in early April. She recruited a dozen sympathizers to enter City Manager Jon Ruiz’s office and then refused to leave. That was the bang she went out with. The protesters were arrested, though all charges later were dropped.

Valkyrie never wanted to be the leader and lightning rod she became for the homeless in Eugene. The notoriety and threats were more than her introverted spirit could sustain. “People I once considered friends wouldn’t look me in the eye anymore,” she told me. “I just had to get away.”

She settled in Portland five years ago this week. Two years ago, she moved to the Brittany region of France. 

Sometimes satire hits a little too close to home. While covering the God, Guns and Trump (now God, Guns and Liberty) rally, Eugene Weekly was reminded of the cover of our 2011 Satire issue, “Guns, God  and Gasoline.”

That was back when Sarah Palin running for president was our biggest fear and the same year some people say Donald Trump was so angered and humiliated at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner he decided to run for president.

The God, Guns and Liberty rally, which takes place 1 pm Aug. 10 at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at the Lane County Public Service Building, is now being hosted and security provided by the 3 Percenters, according to the rally’s Facebook page. The 3 Percent (based on the problematic belief that only three percent of colonists took up arms against the British in the Revolutionary War) is often characterized as a militia group, something it disputes.  

Springfield-Eugene Showing Up for Racial Justice will be hosting a peaceful counter-protest at the rally gathering at E. Park Street across from the rally near the Saturday Market food court. Look for the rainbow flags.

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