My Work With Homelessness

There are many articles that say the Republicans are going to beat the Democrats because of the Homeless Problem.

Picture of Hollis In Safeway
Posted on April 16, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press
When I showed Bell Burch my work with my friends who was homeless, she said nothing at our two hour meeting. After I discovered she was an advocate for the homeless who got arrested two days before we met, i wonderd what she – and her friends – were up to.

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I went to Safeway on Friday and said hello to employees who had bonded with my late friend, Hollis Williams. I was told there was a photograph of H in the office, behind customer service. I did not know this. I was moved. There stood three of us, like family, sharing fond memories.

When I checked out my groceries, Nancy recounted H buying jerky sticks that he titled ‘Steak on a Stick’.



scan0016Yesterday I talked to Aura at Safeway Headquarters in California about establishing a non-profit charity around my late friend, William Lee Hollis, who passed away in his sleep on March 8, 2012. She asked me to send her an e-mail. I did so after founding a Hollis Lee William Community on Facebook. After serving his country in the military, I did not want this unfamilied and homeless Vet declared an indigent and buried at the expense…

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Hollis and John Founded HomelessChurch

Posted onSeptember 6, 2018byRoyal Rosamond Press

I now understand why Neil Laudati did not respond to purchasing KORE. He was afraid I would open the flood gates to the homeless of Springfield, and a Tent City would gather around the old radio tower where broadcast The Word of God, that was relayed across the Atlantic, to Radio London. Below is my letter to ex-Mayor, Kitty Percy, who was a friend of Hollis.

What I was poised to do, was have The Homeless – OWN A CHURCH! No longer would they be -mere guests! All the tithe of The Homeless Church, would go directly to them. The middle man would be cut out. The Church has long USED THE POOR AND HOMELESS to get monies for the poor – and then they build cathedrals! Here is te first Poor Altar that was erected…

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