Ginni Thomas and The LaHayes

Posted this March 25.

Rosamond Press

The spiritual battle I have been having with Tim and Beverly LaHayes has reached epic proportions with the revelation their compatriot, Gini Thoams, advocated the negation and reversal of a FAIR ELECTION! We are looking at Religious-Political Propaganda built upon the Fan Base of the Left Behind series, that is Christianized Terrorism. Imagine if Dan Brown had form a think tank in Washington aimed at gathering a flock-block of loyal voters – then selling them to the highest bidder!

Justice Clarence Thomas claims he did not know what his wife was up to. Bullshit! He knew she hung with Paul Weyrich who invented pro-life to counter the Civil Rights Movement, that Clarabell The Black Right-wing Clown – does not champion. He has seen the errors in his ways? Ginni has her dummy on her lap, projecting her thoughts into his brain. This is a evil thing that looks like a…

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