Defending The Ukraine

Vote for Oregon’s only proven prophet.

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How I saw all this coming needs to be studied, A Democratic Congressman asked Ms. Cooper of the Ministry of Defense;

“What more can be done to help Ukraine against Russian cyberware?”

I announced over a year ago I was authoring a James Bond-like novel to counter Putin. I just woke from my Old Man Nap and God gave me permission to take something for myself. Alas, I got in touch with the Throwaway Boy. I am, like Samuel….The Nazarite. I am….The Last Prophet Standing.

The Ambassador of the European Union testified in Congress today. One of the fathers of the EU was Denis De Rougemont. I suspect he is kin to Clive Rougemont who was the head of Lloyd’s of London, who I have as the head of BAD. Victoria is called to London by Clive. She and Miriam have been having an affair. I was going to use…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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