Valkyrie Barr & Haffner vs. Presco

Alley Valkyrie was in both Oregon newspapers? Is there real evil in the world? Why didn’t Belle suggest I get on OCCUPY TV. She asked for more details about my life.

Don Kahle appears to be the Register Guard’s go to guy on homeless issues. Did they have Don take a good look at OLD me, before he went to France and interviewed YOUNG Alley Valkyrie? Why would the YOUNG have answers – for anything?

I would turn Downtown Eugene over to THE ELDERLY. If you mess with one, or a woman, you are thrown in a pit of hungry Pitbulls. Charge admission to pay to heat heating stations. 


FLASH! I just discovered that OCCUPY TV was making videos with Alley and Monroe in 2013 a year before I made a video of meeting Belle. So, OCCUPY gets to cover events and make videos – and I don’t? This changes – everything! This is – PURE EVIL!

In this video we see Emily Semple in the front row. She looks like a real witch. I wrote a long letter to the City Council and called for her resignation. She knew I was the competition – who could haveapplied for my own grant. THIS WIIL MAKE A GREAT TRILOGY!

The Occupy Eugene Media Group (OEMG) is a network of producers that work independently but are available to share their knowledge, resources, and assistance with media related activities.

Occupy TV and Occupy Radio are part of the excellent work done by the Occupy Eugene Media Group.  Occupy TV shows were produced by the Occupy Eugene Media Group (OEMG) from approximately March 2012 to May 2013.  Occupy TV still plays on Community Television of Lane County’s Channel 29.  Occupy Radio plays on KWVA FM 88.1 every Wednesday at 7pm.  It has been on the air since April 18, 2012 and has its own website at  The IMG_1038occupyeugenemedia youtube channel we manage has 297 videos on it and our new communitysolutionsmedia youtube channel has 185.  Since Occupy Eugene began, we have created a large amount of media to help with many important issues and we are proud to share our work with you here.

For a good first step, can we stop quibbling over terminology? Yes, I understand that referring to “the homeless” somehow feels more encompassing than “the unhoused.” Keeping people in the conversation is far more important than policing their language.

If anything, this population confounds us because we insist on referring to them as a single group, using whichever word we prefer. In fact, those without homes can be sorted into at least six or seven categories. Each requires a different set of solutions.

How Was OCCUPY T.V. Funded? | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Here is an article by Dan Kahle about Alley Valkyrie. Dan says Alley is interested in overthrowing the French government, and the United States government, but, because she wants to become a citizen of France, she is on her best behavior. She is supporting causes “that animate her”. This means, anyone, or any group of people, who appear to champion her causes, gets her seal approval. Would this include Kim Haffner and my un-named neighbors who I believe are conspiring to render me homeless, a threat Alley made on facebook as she egged on her followers to HARASS ME.

Haffner and my neighbors have been harassing me while invoking the name of Belle Burch and Valkyrie who got arrested together. THE GOAL was to get me out of my residence – and on the street! When Kim said; “WE are going to get rid of that cat.” she became a…

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