Christian-Right Goes After Artists!

I posted this on September 30, 2019

Piss Christ – Wikipedia

Piss Christ: A Brief Background and Opinion

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Piss Christ

The Piss Christ was an art piece created by Andres Serrano in 1987. The artist took a cheap, plastic crucifix and submerged it into a glass of his own urine. Serrano then photographed the crucifix and provided the description of his urine and name “Piss Christ”. The public reception was mixed to say the least.

On one hand, Serrano received approximately $20,000 and was the winner of the “Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts” award. Sister Beckett, a Catholic nun/art critic, stated in an interview that she didn’t think the piece of art was blasphemous. Instead, she thought that Piss Christ was a strong metaphor for what society has done to Christ and how society has come to think the values he represents.

On the negative side, the piece of art caused quite a bit of hate towards Serrano, to include death threats and negative emails/mail. Critics proclaimed that Serrano violated the separation between church and state because his piece of art was funded by the government. In 2011, Piss Christ was vandalized by Christian protestors beyond repair while it was on display in France and again in 2012 while it was on display in New York.

It is clear that Piss Christ is steeped in controversy and has many meanings. Personally, I think that it is disrespectful to the Christian faith because urine is a “waste” that is excreted by the human body. This to me stands as a metaphor as what contemporary society thinks about religion. Although I have these views, I do believe that Piss Christ is a form of art because the artist does manipulate his choice of medium (the crucifix) and transforms it into a series of ideas. It is also 

Rosamond Press

The Christian-right are self-righteous hypocrites who I want to take to court and sue them for not condemning POTUS who is pornographic, a purveyor of smut and lewdness. Beverly LaHaye led the charge against liberated women and the arts. Her husband invented much of the End Time Terrorism. I will post on the Impeachment of the Pervert and make sure to laugh in the face of every member of the Christian-right! I will strip them naked, and mock them!

In my series ‘Screamers’ I will play myself. My war against evangelical End Timers will be fierce. My mortal enemy will be Big Momma For Jesus.


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