Night of the Living Redactors

The Holy Gang of Gini Thomas has been exposed.

Rosamond Press

A meeting was held at the Texas home of Paul Pressler to anoint a conservative enough candidate for the secular office of President of the United States. Paul is the leader of the Conservative Resurgence that has liberal theologians from the Baptist colleges and churches, he preaching the Bible is THE INFALLIBLE TRUTH that is being applied to the founding of our Democracy. This is why the Mormon candidate must not run for office because Mormonism is MADE UP STUFF!

1. The concept of Inerrancy. Southern Baptists applied a new word, “inerrancy, ” to their understanding of Scripture. Since 1650 the adjective most used by Baptists to describe their view of the Bible had been “infallible”;

I predicted 24 four years ago this crap was a real threat to our Democracy. While being attacked by certain members of Sinclair family who push for Inerrancy, I launched attacks against the Christian-right…

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