The New Bohemian Cyber-Royalty

President Biden is flying to Brussels to strengthen our alliances in Europe. Here is my prophetic post of February 17th. when most experts said Putin would not invade Ukraine. I was – prepared! This is why I should be Oregon’s new governor.

Rosamond Press

To go to war and kill thousands of people over territory – is a Archaic Illusion – that Putin has resurrected from the Nazi Cult playbook. Most of the world lives in CYBERSPACE. How many folks know their nation is a member of NATO? A handful. Why would they care? Why does Putin care? Putin wants to restore the Russian Monarchy – and evict NATO from land he believes belongs to a King and Queen – yet to be! Is he a Mad Man? Yes!

This morning a newspaper wanted me to become a PAYING MEMBER in order to read an article on why Jack Kerouac wishes he was born in South Dakota. I believe I know why. What if the Czech-Republic restored the Habsburg Royalty – and the Holy Roman Empire – IN CYBERSPACE? Anyone anywhere can be a Citizen of The Holy Royal Bohemian Empire – and a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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