Lost Angels In The Whiteaker

There is a Los Angeles connection to the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

John Presco

The Green Whiteaker Hood


The Green Whiteaker Hood

Lost Angels In The Whit

22TuesdayMar 2022

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On this day, March 22, 2022, I take charge of the Cosmic-Rock History of the Whiteaker where I lived and had a art studio in 1988. Above is a photo of my friend, Bryan MacLean with the members of ‘The Byrds’. He was their roadie.

John Presco

Lost Angels In The Whit | The Green Whiteaker Hood (wordpress.com)

My La La Dance Movie 3

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press


Marilyn, Jeff Pasternak, Bryan MacLean, and I went to University High School in La La Land. Bryan played at my wedding. Marilyn was there. You can just see her. All four of us are now at the epicenter of the La La Land Cultural Hoedown. Kenny Reed, and Rick Cobian did a Black and Mexican Bro Thing against Whitey Me in some sick need to change the outcome of their High School days. Marilyn played me that way too. This subject is all good thanks Karem Abdul-Jabbar’s essay. Nisha Calkins didn’t want to be associated with my blog about “threatening women” nor did Belle, Alley, and Rena. That might have changed. It’s good to be topical! Below is the e-mail I sent Jeff in 2011 saying Marilyn and I are collaborating on our story! I refer to my blog that got sabotaged, it named after Eugene’s first newspaper that Joaquin Miller was the editor for.

Jon Presco

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