My La La Dance Movie 3

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Marilyn, Jeff Pasternak, Bryan MacLean, and I went to University High School in La La Land. Bryan played at my wedding. Marilyn was there. You can just see her. All four of us are now at the epicenter of the La La Land Cultural Hoedown. Kenny Reed, and Rick Cobian did a Black and Mexican Bro Thing against Whitey Me in some sick need to change the outcome of their High School days. Marilyn played me that way too. This subject is all good thanks Karem Abdul-Jabbar’s essay. Nisha Calkins didn’t want to be associated with my blog about “threatening women” nor did Belle, Alley, and Rena. That might have changed. It’s good to be topical! Below is the e-mail I sent Jeff in 2011 saying Marilyn and I are collaborating on our story! I refer to my blog that got sabotaged, it named after Eugene’s first newspaper that Joaquin Miller was the editor for.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

John Ambrose <>

04/05/11 at 10:10 AM



Marilyn Calkins
07/27/09 at 1:44 PM

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    Here is the white culture that is being destoryed from both sides. My La La Love Dance 4
    Posted on March 2, 2017
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    Jeff and Shannon Pasternak lived in the Whitaker and helped make it a Bohemian Enclave. I was asked to take Shannon’s mother dancing. Shannon was an executive for Warner Brothers records and hung with the Rat Pack. Marilyn and I are an old LA Love Story, as are the Pasternaks. Chris and Stefan looked forward to meeting Belle Burch, and loved my idea for a musical that I am sure I ran past Jeff. I am now trying to sell my idea for a sequel to La La Land called ‘La La World’.
    Above is a photo of me smoking a cigarette with the La La Rosamond Sisters who dated the actor Errol Flynn. We are at Micky Rooney’s first home that Christine Rosamond bought. We are at her wedding to Rick Partlow, whose high school sweetheart got murdered by Phil Spector. That’s the son of Carlos Moore who wrote Fela, that he sold the rights to for several thousand dollars. That it became a big hit, may be behind me being aced out of the secret project that sprang from the Hult Center African show.
    On a bridge in Venice California you see Peter Shapiro of the Loading Zone, Tim O’Conner, son of the actor of the same name, his girlfriend, the daughter of Marlon Brando’s agent. Keith and I lived with Peter and his band in Oakland. My kin with Michael Jackson.
    Christine Wandel and Stefan Eins at a art show in New York. I am half-done with their portrait with their portrait that is the new ‘American Gothic’.
    Thomas Pynchon employs the Manson Family in his book. Bryan was invited to have dinner with Sharon Tate, the night LA’s most famous murder went down. Bryan had a previous engagement. The discussion over the relationship between Bryan and Arthur Lee, is the most sane an intricate interracial study in the world of music. Bryan was Mr. LA. Arthur wanted into his world. Bryan was a good friend of Bryan Wilson.
    Paul Drake was my best friend. Clint hired him to be the head bully in Sudden Impact. Bryan wanted me to meet his friend, Vito Paulekas, who was his roommate in a building in Hollywood. Paul’s dancers were famous. If you were somebody in La La World……….

    Last by not least, is Rena Christensen Easton, she sweet sixteen and ready to roll off the High School Production Line in Nebraska. You can see the wonderment on her face. What does life have in store. Little did she know that she would become the Muse-Fink of the century, she sicking Deputy Dan on ALL OF US degenerates. As Alley Valkyrie said;
    “You fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us. That’s how it goes… La La Land!
    I am going to e-mail this post to Deputy Sheriff, Dan Mayland, in Bozeman Montana.
    Jon Presco
    Copyright 2017

    08/07/10 at 8:48 AM
    Hi Jeff & Shannon!

    Here is my blog.I blogged you.

    The problem with the e-mail was the q looked like a g

    Jon Gregory
    John Ambrose Here is my prophetic post made 8 months ago. Muse of the Love Dance Muse of the Love Dance The Bollywood super star, Prihanka Chopra, is trying to become a super star in the West. She did a song with
    06/24/14 at 11:58 PM
    Here is my prophetic post made 8 months ago.

    Muse of the Love Dance

    Muse of the Love Dance
    The Bollywood super star, Prihanka Chopra, is trying to become a super star in the West. She did a song with Hip-Hop star, Pitbull, titled ‘Exotic’. A year ago I se…

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    Preview by Yahoo

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