I Posted The Truth

I just posted on the article I first posted on July 17, 2020. These treacherous ideas were not born in the brain of the President of the United States. He is STILL being coached by Putin. I, and this blog – have been vindicated!

John Presco

I highly suggest BLM contact Ursula Von Der Leyen who went to Stanford. Tell her you want to set up a cultural exchange with Germany.  Blacks should learn German. English is the language of the slave masters. I would start classical music clubs and learn the goose step that many nations south of the Trump Wall have adopted. I would recognize Cuba, who were taught to goose step by the Russians – who learned it from my Prussian kin. The Germans were for the cultural advancement of the black slaves – they were determined to set free! Germany did take part in the slave trade and there is reparation conversation about the genocide of Africans. Perhaps Germans will donate violins and other instrument to black students – who may not go back to school. The Black Turnverein channel can teach children to play and speak German. Why Trump and the Republicans snub Germany, is to say:

“The enemy of my enemy – is my friend!”


“Donald Trump is suggesting the United States should treat Germany more like an enemy because the two countries were adversaries in World War II as the president again lobbied for closer US-Russian relations.”

Huey Newton came up with a plan he titles ‘Internationalism’. I know Black Lives Matter has stepped into the Limelight of History – that is on their side! There are around forty-two million black people in America and the same amount for Americans with German roots. I have a vision of black men and women speaking in German in a public place. They are discussing the German and Black Composers. I see a black man standing on stage at Carnegie Hall singing the BLM anthem, a blues number sang to Beethoven’s Sonata Claro de Luna. This is the first victory song. as a historian, I testify BLM won it’s first victory. We have a major contender on the World Stage.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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