Falcon Fleet Forty Five

Russia wants Alaska back. I’m on it!

Seer John

Rosamond Press

John Dee was the Merlin behind the scenes who bid Queen Elizabeth to build England’s first fleet. Pope Adrien had a fabulous celebration for the Hospitaller Fleet after they retreated from Malta. I suspect Adrien named the Falcon College after ‘The Tribute of The Falcon’. In 1488 he was chosen by the Faculty of Arts to be their representative on the Council of the University.

I am almost certain Arthur K. Barnes and John K. Butler are in these two photographs with my grandmother. I will tie Barnes and Butler to C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Ian Flemming. Add Dashiell Hammet to the mix. He would go camping on Anacapa Island with my grandfather, Royal Rosamond.

I am forming a fleet in answer the the threat from China’s Navy. This fleet carries on the mission of the fleet that removed the Knights Hospitaller from Malta, and before that Rhodes. The name…

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